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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Assault on Death Mt. - Part One

The defense of Death Mountain, part one.
Imperial forces, consisting of both Wolfram marines and guardsmen of the 609th, dug in. All stations were set to receive the airborne assault.
Wolfram devastators watch from the tower, their landraiders ready for counter-assault.
Sgt. Fluke took control of a defense weapon, "twin-linked lascannon, yes please!"
Fire filled the sky as the bombardment began. Missiles, bombs and wreckage rained from the sky.
The battlefield was warped by the destruction. The enemy seemed to be targeting the psyker chior, who broke under fire.
The gate was covered in craters but casualties were minimal. The Emperor protects.
Holes were opened in the defense line, but under the stern eye of the commissariat, Ivory platoon held.
The invaders began to hit the ground moments after the explosions. Interceptor guns awoke to spit death into the skies killing many before they hit the ground.
The Wolfram responded with their own drop troops, the entire battlefield was instantly filled with troops shooting and killing each other.
Small melees sparked up, like the loyalist terminators and the killa kans.
Gremlins were found inside the targeting auspices, possibly of a daemonic origin. Still the 609th laid down heavy firepower, from the towers Cmdr Hieneken smiled.
The traitor's vindicator was an immediate target, the Wolfram sent one of their dreadnoughts after it. The machine's daemonic hull resisted all attempts to damage it.
The choir, once fleeing, found themselves assaulted by terminators. Artios' force weapon cut down the Black Legion, but not without being wounded first.
Still, troops rained from the sky, and some tore through the fabric of reality. Deamons appeared within the compound.
The line was slowly being surrounded and isolated, the gate held, for now.
The invaders were keeping the pressure on, but the Imperials were still numerous and had plenty of ammo left.
The enemy's heavy duty drop brought big problems directly into the lines. Problems like berserkers and the quadruped. The Imperials responded with heavy firepower.
Raptors stalked the table, summoning daemons and endangering vehicles with meltaguns. With both landraiders immobilized by the barrage, the invaders were having the run of the battlefield.
Ivory II was crushed by a dual-assault from ork bikes and lesser daemons, the enemy had taken the gate.
Chaos forces began to set up their own heavy weapons and they still had reinforcements.
The Imperials were bruised, but not beaten...