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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sylamander Hunt

We played the inaugural BRUTAL game having miniatures and terrain!

Our battlefield was linear, comprising five spaces.  Each side fielded 186 points.  Objectives selected from: kill, capture or drive off the enemy!

A Sylamander slithers upstream, looking for food...

It gets more than it bargained for when a band of mercenaries with a powerful gun drone appears over the knoll!

The Sylamander emits a brain-scrambling myopsychic shriek, its natural defense confounding all but the most determined attackers...

The Sylamander confronts mercenary reinforcements, and so begins a running battle back downstream.  The creature's intermittent shrieking protects it from attack, but it is tiring.  It sustains hits from the gun drone and the chainblade.  Time to find smaller prey!!!

The mercenaries are unable to capture it and it wriggles back downriver.

Stay tuned for army books, more play, scenarios and undoubtedly some of Andrew's Doom-o-forms...  Thanks to Ric and Andrew for their enthusiasm and awesome artwork!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Getting a new place is a perfect opportunity to play a massive game of 40k.  Each side assembled 15,000 points and invaded the new living room.
 All of the terrain bins were opened up and sectors were determined, roads laid and rivers placed.
 The battlefield was divided into multiple sectors; industrial zone, Imperial battlements, chaos battlements, chaos brewery, jungle/wastes, chaos temple, Imperial shrine and Steamtown.
 Once the stage was set, the players gathered their forces.
 The 609th would be defending against the Alliance of Evil, the tanks began to roll out.

The view from Death Mt. as the tank line musters.
The garrison force, anchored by the Claymore super heavy.
Inquisitorial forces, three henchman warbands, stand ready in Steamtown.  They provide enough of a deterrent to hold the objective without a shot fired.
The rough riders follow behind the tank line, led by Inquisitor Bailey on his mechanical steed.

Front and center of the Imperial line are the penitent engines and the sisters repentia seeking their glorious death.
The Scream Walkers assemble in the jungles of no-man's land supported by the orks of Waagh Meowker.
Not to miss a meal, Dezz's tyranids swarm from the jungles and the Slaaneshi daemons prepare to enter realspace.
The Alliance deployment.
Imperial infiltrators spot advance swarms of 'stealers and take aim...
...as the eversor moves in from the other side.
The field medics prepare to take casualties.

Horrors appear and wipe out all the rough riders, leaving only the Inquisitor.
The eversor gets distracted by the manifesting daemons, flamers die as the daemon princess moves in.
Unhindered, the genestealer swarms advance now supported by daemonettes.  The Imperials are becoming severely outnumbered.
The ground shakes as the tank line moves forward and the long-range firepower is brought to bear.

The Airbourne division drops in on the brewery, their orders are to take and hold the objective.
Terminators begin to wreak havoc in the temple district.  Imperial casualties increase as chimeras are opened and assaulted.
The chaos forces pull some units back towards the brewery as the Imperial aircraft fire volleys of missiles and drop their payloads of veterans.
Outnumbered, and outgunned, the vets take as many down as they can before the armoured wave breaks them.
Even against monsterous foes, not a single Imperial ran, but nearly all of them died.
The ork truck was the the swiftest to reach combat, they are met by heavy bolter fire.
In the end, the Imperials held more objectives than the forces of evil.  But what an epic game....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Escalation - III

 Warning: pic heavy post!
 The third month of the Escalation League ran hot with many battles between the leading factions.
Breaking Everblight's winning streak was the order of the month.  Thagrosh went epic, and the trolls were able to finally break him.

 A three-caster free for all was interrupted by Thaggy, and much violence was to ensue.

 Eventually, the Cryxians and Khadorians were put out of the fight, the trolls and dragonspawn eyed each other warily, and left.

 Red vs Blue along the pipeline.

 With his 'jacks on fire, the blitzer slams Kharchev into the cliff face.
Month III ends with the trolls barely leading Legion, and Khador not far behind.