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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Hunt 2!!!

!!Warning!! - pic-heavy post. The Rabbit Hole was peaceful Easter morning, with hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse crapping chocolate eggs all over the gaming table.
mmmmmm.......chocolate bunny crap.....
First on the scene was the bikers of the Wolfram chapter. Obviously defending stirs up quite the appetite for chocolate.
The Murderess, modified recently into a razorback, sped in to support.
But it wasn't just the Wolframs who dropped by...
Slaanesh sent her daemons, such a profusion of chocolate must have caught her attention.
The "famous" nobz of Waagh Sparky were also sneakin' about, with their deff dread.
Mr. Huggy wouldn't miss such a rare opportunity to sate his sweet tooth.
He's hidin'...
The Sisters were scouring the (soon to be) battlefield behind their transports.
Things were going well...

The bikers had amasses quite a pile early on, the deff dread eyed them hungrily.
The chaos marines called down raptors and terminators. The table was getting crowded.
In the confusion, the Wolfram transport took some hits from the immolator's hvy bolter.
As Chaplain Goldie took offense, Lilith popped up beside the Imperials...
Things were looking good as the chaos forces attacked each other ;)
Deff dread - immobilized. Bikers - dead.
Those damn nobz......they kill things and steal their eggs.....
In the center, pools of unclaimed eggs lured the daemonettes.
Palatine Cefirelli and Goldie punched it out, sadly the warrior nun was struck down. Hit a lady with a glowing stick eh?
Meanwhile, the chaos forces split to deal with the orks, and the Sisters. The Dominions blasted Lilith apart, which brought on the attentions of the nearby seekers.
The Murderess got stuck on the rocks, so the Wolfram tactic changed to the defensive. The Sisters had the word "defensive" mind-wiped.
The Sisters might have helped them out, if Goldie wasn't such a psycho...
The girls were having issues hitting the daemons and not the chocolate loot they were hiding behind.
And the winner?

Good game everyone! Egg Hunt 3 next year?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

3D Nids Get Their First Bite

A little while back (sorry, my blogging has been backing up) Dez's tyranids went onto the field for the first time. As a new swarm, their numbers were still small, so Hive Fester was asked to assist for the meal.
The adversary was Sam's daemons (Slaaneshi daemons taste spicy).
Seekin' through the jungle...
Lilith (soulgrinder) and Nahid (harpy) shot at each other as the smaller critters ran about shooting and whatnot.
...and more daemons arrive....

Fast combat were breaking out everywhere. The bugs and deamons almost matched.

The tyrgon prime caused Chaladran to pause, but the greater deamon cut the snake monster to pieces. Next time....
Oh gaunts, disposable and useful!
The daemon princess, Severinia, was her usual mess-maker.
The banshees (flamers) fried Fester right off the first turn. Much anger was visited upon the abominations, but those things can be hard to kill.....grrrr....
Nahid had finally ripped Lilith to bits, although it took a while, and set her sights on the Keeper of Secrets.
The Triplets (Zoanthropes) were in trouble, which was about the time the gaunts decided to show up, glad they did...
...then more seekers happened.
The game ended with a win for the deamons, having 4 more kill points than the swarm.
Those poor bugs, they were just hungry....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Orks Ambush Rashidiman Veterans

A large warband of orks attacked the OPDF returning from the warp rift. Imperial forces were fresh from the Wolfram attack and were bolstered by 609th elements.
Under the initial assault, ground forces fell back to sector 65-Gamma and requested air support. Artillery rounds began falling on the horde of xenos.
The last surviving infantry squad, that had entered the rift was attacked by kommandos and the left flank began to falter. The sentinels beside them could only keep firing at the oncoming ork walkers.
At the hydra platform was where the boyz hit, the platform was quickly covered with bodies.
Air forces were called in, mostly taking aim at the enemy walkers, as well as blasting large amounts of infantry.

The Warboss began taking apart the weakened left flank. It destroyed infantry and armor alike.
The orks began pouring into the artillery line, the air support and sentinels struggling to place their shots.
The arrival of the airborne squad was enough to hold the horde at bay, although many important casualties were lost, along with their knowledge of Rashidiman.

V.O. Leems.