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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chaos is Good.....Yes?

The courageous men of the Empire attempt to thwart us my Lord. We shall crush them, yes? Mmmm hmmm, guns are bad. We send Eddy, yes?
By the Hells! They send more knights, hnn gnnn hnnn...
March warriors! Into the cannon-fire! Into their lines! For Tzeentch!
As you wish my Lord, my thanks that we can share the deaths of knights, yes?
But they hold firm my Lord, must we have to march all the way to them? Why do the cowards not charge us?!
I, Fel-Ur-Ket, chosen of Tzeentch, can bring Eddy back to us. Next Morrslieb, yes?
Oh joy! Oh wanton carnage! My Lord is mighty, yes? Does your Sigmar save you, no?
A dirty move, yes... The Aspirants crushed beneath your steel hooves. I will read the blood-stains after the battle, yes?
The spawn-things are useful, yes...
Not even your mighty cannons can bring down my Lord. Watch as the chaos winds warp your barrels, yes!
Your end draws near knights, yes?
Your soldiers are mere men, the mighty warriors of Tzeentch will crush all who oppose them, yes!
Fools of the Empire, yes? Think you will survive, yes?
I think not, hnnn gnnn hnnnn....
You arrive late, gunners. Chaos owns the battlefield, hnnn gnnn hnnnn.... Run to your Empire, hnnnn gnnnn hnnnn.... We will catch you, yes?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Test of Iron - Orks

The Test of Iron; engaging the ork horde.
The 609th Armor returns to Hive Tempestus and engage greenskins in the outer industrial zones. Four objectives mark the battlefield, the armor rolls out.
The line creeps through the ruined area, as much as treaded warmachines can creep.
The orks come howling at the Imperials, the deffcoptas falling foul of the building. Below, the horde runs through the cover.
Hellhounds, heavy bolters and autocannons respond to the alien warcry. Many are killed, but more remain.
Crimson Command prepare to hold the line with las and flamer. Their commissar shouting encouraging quotes from the Primer (he's so helpful!)
Above them, on the walkways, the nobz make their way towards the Wolf Pack.
The combat eliminates some of the cybork/heavy armor boyz. All of Crimson Command is slain, even the transport which takes out a couple in the explosion.
Battle is closed on the walkways, but the Old Black Hat is a difficult one to kill, and he does not fall easy.
Crimson Three leaves the coming horde to the tanks, while they deal with the sneaky gits behind them. The sneaks being the commandos who blew up the Knight Commander...
Now reduced in numbers, the crazed madok and his lads assault the closest tank. The powerclaws tear it appart.
Crimson One encountered the deffdread while hunting the remaining deffcopta. A hopeless battle ensued as guardsmen sold their lives to slow it down.
Renholder, now the only russ alive, continued the task of taking out the cans until target priority switched to the nob squad. They were still over half strength, and able to seize an objective.
Hell was erupting around Crimson One, but their morale held until the bitter end.
(powerclaw-crazy-doc, and only survivor of the mob....)
In the end, both sides had dealt too much damage to each other to hold objectives, resulting in a draw. ......so many explosions......

This concludes the Test of Iron, with 2 losses and 1 draw. Mechanized guard, intimidating but able to cope with, imo. Sure, lots of tanks are scary, but in cc they are armor 10-11 and almost all of them are bs 3. Hug cover and carry a fist, there are just guardsmen inside, no problem. The main thing is, mechanized is fun to play.

Until next round...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Droid-Citizen Aptiman has frozen up again, the essential data being analyzed in his core must be safeguarded until it can be transmitted to the Animate Vigilix...

"Apti? Apti... Apti?? Damn, I hate computers."

"I see sum'n..."
"Yeah, Biliboab, it's armor with heavy mechanized infantry-"

"No-o, I mean I sees sum'n. Sum'n smarter..."

The Chaos assault begins suddenly, way too close for comfort...

Raptors voip brashly into the snipers' front yard. Sergeant Tody's bike squad arrives from reserve and rips into the arriving heretical Terminator unit; but the loyalists are repelled and the grim figures trudge on towards their objective, spitting bullets.

"Great idea, jerk." "That's Sergeant Jerk, you jerk. Now let's rally...


Sternguard climb out of the steaming wreck of the Land Raider, and try to cut down the assaulting Berzerkers, as the loyalist objective is now swamped with Daemons.

Peltops and Zazarus fight for their lives against the onslaught.

His squad slaugtered, the Librarian breaks from combat! At the edge of doom he stands, his hearts pounding!!

Goldi! Make mental contact!

Goldi has ridden his Redeemer to bits against withering Vindicator and rocket fire.

I'm going for the self-propelled gun. Savage is with me. Just keep the droid out of their hands!

Peltops seethes with resurgent power. He shuts down the evil invul saves, then defying Mr. Huggy's horrifying presence, scorches electricity over the Daemons slathering around the seized robot.

Chaplain Goldi weathers a Vindicator shell at point-blank range, by Iron Halo. He avenges his squad with grim satisfaction, melting the daemonic tank, which groans and shrieks in its death throes...

He turns around...

"Oh. Black Legion. That's good."

And the Chaos Marines destroy him in a hail of bullets. Over the vox, their dread Daemonic commander confirms victory:

"An Librarian neutralized."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Test of Iron - Chaos Marines

The 609th Armor rolled into the Ninja Den for the second battle of the Test of Iron to challenge the Stricken.
Another kill-point mission, the gunners order up more ammo while guardsmen check their lasguns.
The chaos forces hold their line to begin with, the Imperials getting cover where they can.
The armored fist platoon is ordered forward ahead of the battle tanks. The chaos dread freaks out and destroys the Khornate rhino.
Preciously few shots find their way through armor, on either side.
Chaos reinforcements arrive, the chaos terminators pushing their luck on a tricky deep strike to spray shots into rear armor.
Behind Mr. Huggy reality tears and lesser daemons begin to manifest. The chaos forces increase and get closer to the Imperial tanks. Transports are rended by the dread and daemon prince.
The Wolf Pack engage, dropping many lesser daemons, but still more manifest. The enemy was being protected by their dark gods, few wounds were scored.
The Stricken's raptors put their meltas to good use. The 609th commanders have a special dislike for these guys...
In the center of the battlefield, the Imperials were surrounded by the daemonic. The commissars were precise with their prayers, not a single guardsman ran, but many were killed.
The Wolf Pack set to their appointed task of protecting the Knight Commander.
The raptors neutralize Renholder and proceed to the next.
The Lord Commissar's last stand, he's a bugger to take down...
The right flank spiraled into a hide-and-seek between the chimera and rhino, with the Imperial tank winning.
Having dealt with the russ, the raptors take aim on the hellhound. The Imperial line was broken.
Ground reserves came in to deal with the terminators (as per the mission special rules). The Wolf Pack and terminators did this a couple times...
Crimson Command prepared to make a good account of themselves, with the veterans and the other infantry squad gone. There were still many deamons before them.
Crimson 3 finally got to grips with the squad of Black Legion, who fought until the last man. In the end, the chaos forces were able to deal much more damage to the Imperials, winning the battle by four kill points.
The 609th began the journey back t Hive Tempestus...