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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scales vs Horns

The warriors and beasts of Fel-Ur-Ket marched upon the ravaged colony once known as Steamtown. Weapons were held at the ready, the scent of lizards was upon the winds of change.
Spearheading the lizardman assault was two towering engines of the gods and saurus cavalry.
Skinks soon followed in growing numbers...
The lines began to close. The spawn on the chaos flanks lurched forward hissing at the skinks. A slow chanting came from the massed ogres and warriors.
The saurus cavalry charged into the ogres, who resolutely stood their ground. Ur cast pandemonium, making the skink priests very nervous.
Undeterred, the dragon ogres charged into the stegadons in an attempt to silence the engines on top. Behind, the warriors form a defensive barrier.
Righty, the spawn on the right flank, feasts upon the skinks as they flee.
A comet appears in the sky descending toward the battlefield, not good. Shaggy kills his stegadon, but his dragon ogres fall beneath the other creature's feet as the saurus join the fight.
The saurus cavalry run down the last of the ogres, which had taken a while.
Fel's warriors clash with the remaining stegadon while the sorceror challenges the priest. The skink's magic saves him, but not his mount.
Wounded but angry, Shaggy charges the skinks. The skinks hold firm and poison him to death with small pointed sticks.
Surrounded buy chaos warriors and with his army fleeing, the skink priest ends his duel with Ket. Another priest-skull for the collection of the mage god!

The Host of Change continues their march to the mountains to answer the dwarven warcall.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Many weeks ago, the eldar of craftworld Apseraph investigated what seemed to be an abandoned chaos encampment. Aspect and grav tank deployment are standard when dealing with the Great Enemy.
Moments before the first signs of drop pods, the eldar converge in a defensive holding pattern. The sky begins to spit metal and the sounds of terran engines are heard.
Targets are acquired on both sides as the first shots are fired.
The Wolfram assault from two directions, attempting to split the eldar defensive.
The Dire Avengers' transport comes under fire, they prepare for emergency deployment.
The meltas find their way through the eldar fields, crippling the tank. Elsewhere, the farseer prepares his assault.
Summoning the Fortune monkey and Doomy, the seer-led shining spears bring death to the chaplain's squad.
While the guardians attempt to neutralize the scouts, the remaining grav tanks take aim at the terminators.
Combat is brutal to both units, and both sides hold out to the last man.
As the Dire Avengers assault the bike squadron, a second rolls on to the battlefield. They engage the farseer's squadron seeking revenge for their fallen chaplain.
Damaged, but undeterred, the grav tanks advance on the terminators. The falcon's payload still safe.
The farseer, now alone, charges in to silence the drop pod's weaponry. The marine bikes had nearly crippled the eldar line.
Once the last scout died, the guardians swung around to find a new target...
Triumphant, the fire dragons are delivered to the terminators. Melta and laser fire eliminate the heavy-armoured marines.
The guardians are set upon by the spider marines. The squadron is hacked to pieces by chainswords. The eldar won, but not by a large margin, they had barely survived the marine's cunning trap.
The eldar went on to fight some orks later that night.
Things didn't got well for them...
Until next round, be well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Minotaur for All Seasons

So (I figure) Wiji Mog and SeaVay are going to travel for a bit, get to know one another, and try and find a place Wiji saw in a dream, a city in the middle of a lake. Meanwhile he's going to work on the ballad of the Battle of Daemons. Thanks are due to Mistress Samalander for an exciting and hard-fought adventure!

I hear the next Sogrum campaign will involve trains, so I wanted to come up with someone a bit posh. My idea so far is Mr. Bim: a minotaur for all seasons. Everyone mind your manners, 'ere's Bim...

Again with the white stuff.

Below: Specialist Marks provides some scale. I got impatient for the white stuff to dry, it sort of needs to cure before you can hope to work it properly. So I started sketching with a brush, which will help as I start carving and adding in green stuff as needed. He'll get a bowler hat, a lantern jaw, thin drooping mustaches, beady little eyes and some discreet horns. He's a powerful, fridge-shaped figure of a man...

Below is one (very long) remodeling session, one painting session and another, quick remodel later. Just a bit of paint to go now, I think. Still intending to follow through on horns.

Below: a couple of sessions later. Horns of an Ungor, I am pleased with! All that remains now is touchups, touchups, touchups...

Thanks for reading!!!