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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adventuring Party - The Bastard

Back again with another member of the Adventuring Party; The Bastard. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for minis with trenchcoats.
This was a simple one to do and it didn't take very long. I went for colours that said 'rich bad man, don't trust me' so he had to have stubble.
I love all the buckles (and other detail) on the Iron Kingdoms minis, very utilitarian.
Until next round, be well.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventuring Party - Elven Hunter

This is a mini I did a couple years ago, it was the first model that I used white primer on. The model is from Privateer's Iron Kingdoms range, handed down to me due to inadequate attention.
He has been used every so often on the batlemat to represent various elves. For a while he was used to represent Dantii. Recently, I picked up a bunch of other Iron Kingdoms minis to build up my "adventuring party". Since we use the battlemat every other game or so, I intend on expanding my rpg collection (which I call the adventuring party).
Next up, some more recent additions!
Until next round, be well.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Operation Thunderhead

+++ Sigma 13, repeat, sigma one-three requesting immediate su---- +++
Three seconds of silence follow.
+++ Send blood. +++ Vox signal ends.
Imperial flyby captures a pict. Sigma 13 is entrenched, located at the river's bend, and swarming with chaos marines. No sign of the PDF remain, save bodies further downriver.
Squad Alfa hits the raptor squad before they can become a problem. Deep in hostile territory, they don't last long.
Squad Beta drops on the bunker, targeting the havocs in order to shut down heavy fire. Casualties begin to trickle in.
Mr. Huggy repels the Imperials with his fist. The stormtroopers are scattered.
The surviving havoc fires at the retreating sergeant. The first Imperial assault does nothing more than make some room in the chaos line.
Imperial reserves roll on seeking targets with long-range weaponry. The berserkers' rhino is destroyed, while nearby, a valkyrie immobilizes itself in some trees. The Wolf Pack prepare for the inevitable assault.
The other aircraft fares better, flying in low and firing missiles on the final approach.
The chaos marines summon their daemonic allies to fill the spaces made by the stormtroopers earlier.
Having dealt with the Wolf Pack, the berserkers are rewarded by Imperial guns. The leman russes move in to secure the bridge as the sentinels sweep and clear.
The airborne disembark to find the remains of the third stormtrooper squad outside the bunker. Meltas and a demo-charge blow the bunker, engulfing the marines inside.
Once taken, the bunker's ruin becomes the attention of a large portion of the chaos force. The valkyrie flies over to the second objective.
Daemonic forces overrun the airborne squad, the bunker is in chaos control.
The daemon prince reaches the bridge wounded and enraged. He tears apart one battle tank and rips the weapons off the other. With only a stormbolter (and backed up by a trio of sentinels,) the bridge is disputed.

It was an Imperial victory of the narrowest margins...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Remeil - PIP 2

The Thunder of God progresses with the flowing cloak. The deep folds on this model portray a lot of his movement, so I attempted to keep the folds dark, especially the undersides.
There are a couple of places where the paint is a little gritty, but I am pleased so far. I did think about adding some whorls and swirls, but I dropped that for fear of going mad(er).
Next will be to tackle the metallics of his armour or possibly the white on his wings and cloak...
Until next round, be well.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Remeil - PIP 1

With the model primed, each area was washed to place the colors.
The intended color pallet is cream on the cloak, dark blue skin, blue/crystal blades, shiny metal armour, and some gold here and there. The wings and trim are likely to be white.
Then I moved on to the skin...
Most of his skin is dark and shadowed, but I wanted a gleam to it. I worked up through my blues (Cygnar base, Cygnar highlight, Ice, Frostbite) then washed it again.
His cloak is up next, stay tuned...and be well.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remeil - Beginnings of an Archangel

Remeil, the Thunder of God, is one of the fallen archangels. During the Holy War of the Fifth, this once-watcher returns to the affairs of those with power. At his command is a host of the Fallen who seek redemption through the destruction of the enemies of Heaven. He bears one of the First Impalers in the name of Vet-Auun.
The mini is based on the Nightbringer model with added pegasus wings and dark eldar spikes. Putty was applied in layers to make armour and such. Archangels don't need much in armour, so I kept it to a minimum. The spikes give him a fallen look, and again I was careful not to overdo it.
His base got some cobblestone, like the rest of my nWo minis.
Some bending was done to the ribbon-bits, just make some more motion.
I love the motion of the model!
Priming was done in two stages. First the whole thing was primed black. Once dry, I hit it from the top with some white.
Effectively, all my shading has bee done for me already. This is my first attempt at priming this way, we will see how it works out (stay tuned).
Until next round, pass the cookies.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Lope 10 - Post 101!

For the 101st post, I thought it would be nice to see the Daily Lope again. I have a feeling that things are going to start heating up around the Hole again soon. GottaCon approaches (less than two months away now), I know I have a ton of projects to work on.

nWo has seen a change in the Sogrum game. The Diablo have been stopped by the heroic efforts of the victims and their comrades, scene fades. Fifty years pass, the Steam Age begins, and new victims are met. Changes also come from Transcendence as they return to the Fifth still in flux.

The Phasian War continues. Recently the Striken have been tangling with the 609th, but the Emperor's light still shines on them, for now. More datasheets are to be made (like for the quadruped), and posted.

A Terrain Weekend will be called next month with an aim to finish and repair as much terrain as possible. The coffee will flow.

nWo minis have been popping up all over the place, thanks to Samalander and S.E. I have been inspired to make some myself, keep an eye out for them...
So far, so good!
Until next round...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Throw Down - Mr. Terrible vs Madame Iron

The dead rose one day to the sound of heavy Khadorian 'jacks entering Steamtown. Mortenebra gathered her childeren; Buffy, Corey and two ripperjacks. Celyne and Deryliss ventured into the daylight with her.
Khador iron continued its advance. Madame Iron could count three warjacks, four counting the ancient Kharchev. This was going to be difficult.
With two objectives, one either side of the field, the Cryxians deployed wide. Mr. Terrible's 'jacks stayed close to him.
The Khador 'jacks thundered down the street. Mortenebra tried to get her 'jacks in position to attack.
Doomed, a ripperjack turns ghostly and charges. He gets a frost axe to the face as a hello.
Mortenebra and her skarlock shoot spells which have little effect on Khador steel. Buffy, now ghostly, charges and fails to do enough damage to bring one down. The dubstep-cannon (aka void gate) is unleashed in the Khador line.
Furious, Mr. Terrible rips the slayer's arms off and smashes it to pieces. Corey, guarding his 'caster, snipes at the enemy 'jacks.
Doom spirals are fired and the dubstep continues. Celyne and a ripper charge the warcaster. Only the siren's sword has any effect, shadowbinding Mr. Terrible.
The bonejack is crushed, and the warwitch cleaved. Madame Iron was running out of 'jacks, fast.
Doom spiral became the main tactic, with Deryliss edging very close to the enemy for a clear shot. The feedback effect was akin to pecking at stone, but it was working (slowly).
To give his master time to reach the other objective, Deryliss holds his ground. He is subsequently crushed by tonnes of Motherland-forged steel.
Only one Khador warjack is taken down, from constant fire. One objective is held by either side, with neither force willing to abandon them.

Next time Mr. Terrible...next time...