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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Operation Delta Strike

Imperial Command sends Delta Team deep into Chaos-held territory.

The chaos force concentrates on the right flank, heavy gunfire begins to hit armour.
Mr. Huggy sends the vindicator to the center of the battlefield, the rhinos follow.
The Wolf Pack's transport, Lunchbox, is blown to pieces immediately, forcing the veterans to walk.
Heavy munitions are thrown across the pool in both directions. The punisher ripping into the havoks while the sentinels try to target the vindicator.
The Wolf Pack is charged by berserkers while trying to take the pool. Sgt. Huckish survives, punches one in the face, and holds his ground. He is reduced to the same fleshy paste as his squad.
The punisher does not approve.....
The sentinels score the kill-shot on the vindicator, a cheer flashes through the vox.
The airbourne deploy, and melta the Quadruped, to find chaos terminators teleporting behind them. Even behind cover many veterans are blown to pieces or burned to a crisp. The Destroyer, like its punisher cousin, does not approve.
The main bulk of the chaos forces were keeping to cover directing firepower at long range.
The daemon prince was not amused with the sentinels' performance and assaulted them. The walkers held off the pissed off monster for quite some time before all being smashed apart.
The havoks take down the valkyrie, but only immobilize it. In angry response, it fires the remainder of its payload at the rhinos and marines cowering behind.
The stormtroopers arrive, later than the Imperials would have liked, striking on target. Their target being the havok squad causing so much trouble, hellguns silenced them quickly. But the deamons smelled blood...
The punisher unloaded all it could upon the berserkers, but two still remained, and one of them had a powerfist.
The airbourne took a mass of fire, annihilating them all. Alone on the battlefield, the Destroyer takes aim at the last terminator and erases him in a beam of light. Slowly and carefully, the tracks reverse...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day of the Lope

The true date of the Lope is shrouded in mystery, but each year we celebrate the Rabbit one of the best ways possible; BATTLE. On August 13th, I invite each of you to a small tournament, and the best part? Stuff!

With three tables running, stuff to win and the lagomorph holiday to celebrate...
It will begin at the hour of nine in the morning, and end when the gamers either die of exhaustion or a medical emergency (like running out of coffee). Each army who attends will be scored on appearance, and tried in the fires of battle. Forces may be chosen from any current Codex (Imperial Armour units may be used) and use the standard Force Organization Chart.

It will be a day of heroes, legends and atrocities. It will be blogged.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Take the Bridge

Apseraph rides to war. The Seer's goal is to stop the chaos forces from crossing the bridge and getting deeper into Hive Tempestus.
Chaos armour digs in across the river coughing dirty smoke into the air.
The strike force's jetbikes surge across the ruins followed closely by the grav-tanks. Walkers hold the flank, peppering the enemy with laser fire.
The Quadruped s first to reach the bridge, the apc's just behind.
The fire dragons make their first kill, torching the vindicator.
The shining spears destroy the Quadruped, taking the bridge.
The spears are soon beset by terminators and berserkers. The lone exarch dies with honour.
Daemons are summoned to support the marines, the autarch with his spiders set to the task of purging them.
Led by the farseer, the guardian jetbikes seek vengeance for their fallen comrades.
Using hit and run tactics, the daemons are left confused, the spiders inflict kills with few of their number falling.
Chaos takes the bridge, the dire avengers are sent in.
From the ruins, the Black Legion squad continues to preform summoning rituals indifferent to the approaching falcon.
Now numbering half their original squad size, the spiders turn their attention to a second group of daemons.
One survives the assault, with no spiders to be seen...
At the bridge, the combined firepower of te remaining eldar force reduces the berserkers to one. He eyes the fire dragon exarch...
They fight in the river, the eldar warrior surviving the duel, barely.
The reserve unit was targeted by some raptors late in the battle. The guardians poured firepower on them but only killed one. That is the fury of artisans!
The fire dragons, deep in enemy territory, were forced to burn their way to the Black Legionnaires who had dug themselves in.
The raptors shot guardians with little reprisal.
The autarch finally caught up with the remaining daemon, and slayed it. With the dire avengers holding the bridge the eldar had won, but not without many casualties.
Chaos was stopped, but not destroyed.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Of Lizards and Beasts

Deep in the jungles of Lustria horns boomed, horns torn from foes, the war-horns of beastmen. Drums began to beat, drums flayed from elves and humans, war-drums of the lizardmen.
With a braying roar the beastmen encountered their enemies, the bellow of the Doombull eclipsing its smaller kin.
The stegadons and cold ones roared in defiance and charged forwards.
Battle-lines formed, the ground began to shake. The engines atop of the monsters began to spin and crackle, the Doombull roared again.
From the skies, the jabberslythe Pho-qi began to dive the skinks, adding his velacitating voice to the violence.
The skinks scurried for concealing cover, directing darts at the malign monster.
The lines met, the lizards earning the charge, the ungor fled in dismay. The chariots, pulled by massive razorgors, held back for the counter-charge. One of the stegadons crashed into the minotaurs, who proceeded to hack the creature apart as it killed half their number. The Doombull personally killed the scaly shaman.
The saurus cavalry smashed into the gors, the gors unable to get through their armor, but the lizards easily slaying the beasts.
So, the beasts ran to the temple in dismay, losing the herd-totem (army standard) to their foes.
The main group of saurus warriors were easily able to outmatch the spawn in combat, but now faced a very unamused chariot and a couple of bitter, bloodgreeding, minotaurs.
After decimating the warrior-lizards, they set out to deal with the skinks (who had killed the creature fearsomely flying). The ambushing gors set in to help, the slimy little buggers were cornered.
Behind the frenzied leader the beastman line was in tatters, the ungors were still running, and the gors....
The gors were cornered at the temple by lizards riding nastier lizards, things were looking as though they would all meet Tzeentch in the near future.
Why were the ungors running? Well, if a massive and enraged horned behemoth surrounded by crackling ethereal energies was chasing you, what would you do?
The sneaky buggers were keeping away from the Doombull and company, but it wouldn't last long.
Three gors survived the second charge, running through the temple ruins into the jungle. From the safety of the wood, they chuckled as some of the cavalry fell in pursuit.
Razorgors are well-known for jealousy, especially if something is bigger than it. Such a creature will often bash the offending behemoth in the side to knock it over so the razorgor can step on it repeatedly. This is what happened here.
Leaping from the side of the howda, the remaining skink shaman faced the two chariots. His lightning-quick attacks were met with stamina and armor. The crushing force of a razorgor met no resistance.
Now surrounded, and outnumbered, the lizard cavalry was asked nicely to return the herd-totem. They agreed, and were allowed to leave so that they could meet in battle again.