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Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost ready...

~ se ~

'I heard a weird old man say the truth comes out of this...'

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ric, Sam, Nick and everyone who has passed through the Rabbit Hole, for encouraging me to expand my reach in modelling and in life.

~ se ~

Dark Angels vs. Slaanesh daemons

 I choose to play my tournament list. and my opponent Paul is playing his Favoured Deatwhing list. We are using 1750 points.
Land raider drives into trees, and immobilises itself, first turn. 
Terminators deep strike and wipe out Centaurs.
 Sevorinia and Harpies sweep in to take out terminators.
 Daemonettes land in river but nobody is swept away and the tank drives in front of the seekers, tries to shoot them down but they make all their saves.
 Soul grinder decides its time to cross the river after being the soul target of all the fire power from across the river, which had no effect.
 Soulgrinder charges terminators with harpies who end up being nothing more than cannon fodder.
 Sevorinia and fiends tag team terminators but Sevorinia kills them all before the fiends even get to do anything, to their utter dismay.

 one fiend sitting back on the objective hoping a unit of daemonettes can get here soon, but the game ended, before that could happen counting this as a contested objective.
 the main objective heavily contested as the point of main battle everything is converging on this point. the Soulgrinder destroyed in the middle of it all causing a big roadblock.
some daemonettes and seekers on their clean-up route towards the objective. unfortunately they cannot do anything to that land raider but they cleaned up all the snipers hiding around it. End of game was a tie, I made a few mistakes that I noticed afterwards, I should have deepstriked my horrors on the objective in the middle and a unit of daemoettes hidden near by, I should have deepstriked my other unit of daemonettes on the back table objective, fiends need to support soul grinder and Sevorinia takes care of big tanks as she is the only one capable. other than flamers. terminators melt good and flamers, i need to trade the unit of harpies for another unit of flamers. But other than that this list is actually quite good. And the dice gods like me, which helps a lot. Must be my constant devotion to Slaanesh. 
-Mistress Samalander.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Group Fail

That was a really long week, and my brain juices are out of wack, so I apologize now for my unruliness. Although I detest sleep my body still demands some time doing so, and there is also the need to do other things (outside the Hole), 'open gaming' days are over. No-longer will I lurk upon the mere possibility of a game, I believe it is quite easy to arrange a game (like leaving a reply on here for instance).

The Warchallenge.......sigh. I was hoping this little event would inspire/provoke some fellow gamers to try. To my sadness, only two people are taking up the challenge. This simply is not enough people to run a fair/proper/fun contest;

Unless I hear otherwise, the Warchallenge is canceled.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

OHF 2.5

Ready for painting! And maybe later, a full conversion report!
How I Made Me Outa Some Catachans
(No I Ain't As Tall As A Space Marine In Real Life)
Feeling excited about campaign...
~ se ~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Lope 08

On the outside of the Western Fringe there is a section of war-scarred space. Once known as the Phasian System, the Phasian Cloud spins around a warp storm which has taken residence within its star. Several planets stay caught in the magnetic pull of the storm, orbiting through interstellar ruin.

The Phasian Cloud travels through the galaxy faster than it should and is beginning to reach the Odin System. The Imperial world of Odin Prime, beset already by heretic forces, now faces the oncoming warp storm and its inhabitants. The Inquisition has taken command of the system's defenses under the overall command of Inquisitess-General Bacardi.

The Phasian War will work on a strategy point system, which are earned by playing games, in addition to campaign maps. Strategy points are earned after a game; win 3, draw 2, loss 1. These points can then be used to purchase veteran abilities, stratagems (from Planetstrike or CoD for points listed, Apoc for twice), spearheads, or challenge special missions. (A definitive list and fiddly rule-bits will be it's own post, soon.)

This way an army could win a game (earning 3sp), then challenge an annihilation mission, and purchase a power generator for those veterans. If the power generator survives it can be used in the next game(s), like the veteran abilities in the main book. Thoughts?
And I will leave you with a (blurry) picture of my map (before any hex-mapping, etc). I hope that helps with your campaign thinking,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Lope 07

Good day associates and adversaries!

The 40k campaign needs a name. reply with a suggestion, then we will do a poll. (My recommendation is The Phasian Apotheosis.) How are your maps coming along? As far as the maps are concerned here is a good example;
It has different terrain types and major locations marked out. (This is the First Dominion, in nWo.) The maps will be made digital, with a hex grid applied, and 'Waypoints' (ways to get from one map to another) set out. Mapmakers will receive 'free' area on the map they make that they control (others might have to fight for a foothold, we will see). The other campaign-related stuff you will need is an army name and possibly an army objective.

The Rabbit Hole likes to have open gaming/hobby hours. Here they are for the rest of February;
-Sun 20 -1pm to 530pm
-Mon 21 -1pm to 10pm
-Thu 24 -1pm to late
-Fri 25 -1pm to 630pm
-Sat 26 -1pm to 530pm
-Sun 27 -1pm to 530pm
-Mon 28 -1pm to 10pm

Happy dice-rolling!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Radical Strike

Inquisitor Bacardi loaded up and headed into the chaos-held industrial zones. She was determined to deflect the chaos horde at the oil line.
Contact was made immediately, her ground forces opened fire and air support was called in. The Invincible, and both russes began a terrible toll on the traitor marines.
Veterans and stormtroopers advanced in their transports. The enemy seemed to be made up of many killer robots who were becoming a problem for the Imperials.
The punisher held the central line, pouring shots into the center, but it could not stop the obliterators from melting the Inquisitor's transport. Daemonhosts and aircraft were arriving everywhere.
The field of battle was choking with smoke and craters. The russes and vultures were holding, but not much else. The veterans were still alive, but not the stormtroopers, and there was still lots of chaos left.
The daemonhuntress, after killing a deamon prince, went after a greater deamon. She killed it (as Inquisitors do), but was then smashed by a dreadnought. Both sides took great losses, leaving the heretics with no objectives. Only the drop-vets were able to hold an objective, which they took from some havocs (with the help of meltas and shotguns).

A close battle...real f**king close. =I=

Free Radical Chaos

Oh shit, there goes the planet.

Inquisitess Bacardi is pitted against Daemon Princes
Mr. Huggy, and Varius, in a skin-of-the-teeth fight for territory.

"Son of a bitch!!"

Things go from bad to worse. The Invincible is blown up in a ginormous fireball. Then come Obliterators and Daemonhosts and Terminators and strike aircraft...

Finally the Greater Daemon Sedub appears, eviscerating the
body of his cowardly servant Champion Killikin...

After a nailbiting sixth turn, the Inquisition holds one objective and another is disputed due to casualties from shelling. Good f**ing game, wow!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Rare Find

The tech-adept was almost astonished, the captured walker seemed to be communicating in High Gothic, his meant that the machine spirit was indeed interactive. The machine's code was complex and secure, but eventually the holy viral programs of the Mechanicus sunk into IKE's mainframe, control was subverted to the tech-adept. Even after the programs took effect the machine refused to acknowledge its holiness or even that it was a machine spirit.

Either way, it didn't matter much. The executioner and thermal cannons would prove very useful in the Imperium's upcoming endeavors.
(More pics.)

Daily Lope 06

Coffee is brewing, all is well.

This one might be a bit short, but that is how the hammer falls. I just found a new blog out there, and to highlight how neat I think it is, take a look at this (it might solve some broken-arm-syndromes). Also, as we all know, SI's painting challenge is rubble (and you got 16 days). I am starting mine this morning, it shall be simple I think.

Saturday, war, Rabbit Hole, start at one(ish) until six(ish). 40k, 1,500 points?

See you next Daily, Ricalope.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rabbit Hole Results from GottaCon

The overall scores from GottaCon are up on the Chaotic Order forum. How did the Rabbit Hole do?

Andrew, with 93 points, placed 56. For a guy who bought his starter box last GottaCon that is pretty good!

Chris earned himself 111 points, placing him 36th overall.

Ricalope (thats me!) scraped up 117 points to snag 29th.

And Samalanderripped it up earning 142 points and first overall!

Congrats to everyone who helped, played and the spectators (and prize girls!)

Daily Lope 05

Now that GottaCon is over (I miss it too), plots and plans begin to form. The first is Warchallenge, the first Warmachine/Hordes Rabbit Hole event. As far as I know, there are 5-6 hobbyists who are taking up the challenge, I wish them all the best of luck, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

But I also hear people say things like, "I don't want to buy all the books, stacks of boxes, and/or learn a new game." I sympathize, I play Imperial Guard. But, at the risk of sounding like a commercial, Privateer Press basically gives away the rules. Don't get me wrong, the books are amazing with both stunning art and involved stories, but not necessary for basic play. Battlegroups have a 'starter rules' booklet, and every blister/box has a stat card (or more) included.

And you don't need that many models (but I will get into that on another Daily).
If 40k is your thing, and you like to play games, we will be starting a campaign. On Sunday, Feb 20, come over (with an army, say 1000 points) and we can discuss politics, cartography and experience. If we can 'create' four different zones/worlds/warzones, (such as Hive Tempestus, Daemon World, ?catland?)...

ok, my brain just stopped, until next round,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fester Goes Forth to Collect Biomass for his Cup

In an infected industrial zone the forces of Mr. Huggy and Hive Fester clashed. The first turn saw the Triplets lance the Quadruped and the bugs passing cover saves.
The Hive Mind sent the gaunts to swarm Mr. Huggy, hoping that poison would bring him down, but the daemon prince was too armored.
The Ankle-Biters scaled the wall to assault the right flank, but after multiple rounds of combat they were destroyed.
In the center, Frankie was being pummeled by the havocs , so he went over to stomp them. Life is good being a carnifex.
Fester assaulted the chaos marines who killed the rippers. Being a combat monster, the chaos marines were shoved in his throat-hole. mmmmmm....
The titanic battle in the center was heating up. Frankie had one wound left, lurking in the digestion pit (hot tub), and Mr. Huggy was assaulting having only taken a single wound. They struck at each other.....and fluffed. The next turn, the warriors attempted to put a barbed strangler shot into the chaos marines behind the two giants, and the shot scatters. Both of the monsters are hit and both are wounded. Mr. Huggy saves, Frankie did not.

The game resulted in a satisfying draw after Mr. Huggy charged the Triplets and the warriors counter-charged him. Until next time Mr. Huggy.


Monday, February 7, 2011

From the Field 03: The End.

It seems that all good things come to an end. Sadly, due to my brain exploding, I did not get too many pictures from Sunday. But here is a shot of Jason Dyer's Inquisition defending Death Mountain. His with-hunters are a very nice looking army, and combined with being an excellent player, I'm sure it stayed in Imperial hands.
As far as my games went, the Unassyn took down many marines but failed to take any victories. The first game was against the Ultramarines, a very enjoyable game with a great player, and a high body count. The second game of the day saw my Eldar fighting Chaos Marines, a game that saw more wacky dice rolls than the rest of the weekend. The farseer exploded first turn, the autarch called it quits mid game and went home, my guardians charged berserkers and killed them, and the war walkers failed to shoot down a defiler (killing it in close combat). There was much wtfing and laughter.

The Rabbit Hole had an amazing presence, we were everywhere. Our trademark "guerrilla" zombies!!! games (we had 2!) Dezzy (aka Flink) rocked the cosplay, she was featured on Check TV (as well as me and the Iron Hands player). Fester, my hive tyrant, took third place in the large model category (I was told that the necrosurgeon and black legion terminators caused arguments amongst the judges). Swimming Eagle, Andrew and myself tore it up in 40k. But the most props go Samalander, winning best overall in the 40k tournament!

I was constantly being complimented on the terrain we supplied, and I wanted to pass them along to everybody who comes down and helps out with it, we supplied 12 tables! There was even talk of the Rabbit Hole assisting with a tournament on the mainland, keep your eyes peeled...

It was good to see old friends, make new ones and have head explody fun. So...when is the next one?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gottacon Chek TV video

Check out the video called Gamers Gather Feb ^.=.^



Yaaaaaay!!! Con!!! >:)

Pics by swimming eagle, please feel free to claim credit for your figs or otherwise correct me as I can be simply awful with names - I will adjust the entry... :) and try to be more methodical next year

Terrain by Ricalope and swimming eagle
(Look, it's Harold!)

David Green - Blood Angels
Terrain by Anonymous (Paul?)

Jason Gauthier - Deathwing
swimming eagle - Chaos
(This was only the beginning of about a ten-killpoint continuous broiler of death combat)
Terrain by Paul

Douglas Gordon - Tyranids
swimming eagle - Chaos
(Where did all those bugs come from??)

John Calvert - Space Wolves.
swimming eagle - Chaos
Terrain by Anonymous

Thanks to everybody!!!!! This was such an awesome time!
Stay tuned for an anticipated report from our two very own champions!

Yell at me for due credit at puritycontrol@shaw.ca
or via rabbitholezero@gmail.com

- Chris -