Who We Are

Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cash Clowns in Teviotdale

The Cash Clowns strolled into Teviot holdings today, hunting a sy-critter and chasing any other mischief they can.

A detachment of local thugs is pacified.  The electronic eyes of Hound gun droids pierce the muggy morning air.  Local warlord Odkolek sees eye-to-eye with Captain Radius.

"Eh, we are, how you say it, paid local thugs.  We get these lands, for contribute our thread to the fabric of Teviot territory that deflects unfavorable levels of tourism."

The dreaded warrior lord, Lord Blackwurm guards the passage West, sworn to stop any from passing.  The Cult of the Black Gate must not begin again!

Ric and I use 100 WILL to join our factions and create an elite unit that shares a turn.  This group takes on Blackwurm and overcomes him.  In the silence after the great clash, something is heard growling nearby...

A Demon caught and trapped between worlds.  The Gate stands in the forest, the Demon lashing out where he is stuck halfway across the portal, stealing souls as he can.  The Black Gate needed be destroyed twice, before it retreated into the chilly forest air, to latency...  The victors breathe a gasp of relief as the evil fades.

And the way is clear.  The Cash Clowns carry on through the level.

Later we played a game on my Cave Board and three heavily armed Cash Clown soldiers fought in a pit-cave and recovered an obscure jewel of power: the Shard of Weakness...

This they mounted on a giant robot.

The robots clashed in cyberspace as well as physically; the Teviot Guardian's countermeasures and the power of the stolen Shard meet halfway, locking the two robots' weapons systems up for several successive turns.  After a gentle-bot's mutual agreement to forgo the nullifying systems, the Guardian was taken down by IKE's heavy blast fire, unable to hit the Shard with its lethal antimatter weapon.

Thanks to Ric

Monday, February 18, 2013

Get Off My Lawn!

 With Hellbringer in hand, I played a 50 point match against my most challenging foe; Legion.
 The Legion forces grouped together, a mass swarm of technicolour beasts.
 The Cryxians took the hill (as it had the wheel on it) and waited for the dragonlings to creep closer.  Much fire was thrown at me, but only the reaper was destroyed.
 Still at a distance, Hellbringer uses mobility to get a slayer and the seether into his lines.  Hellbringer also uses his feat, garnishing ten souls for the next turn.
 The two helljacks get swarmed and turned to scrap, luckily I still have two left.
 Full of focus, the Cryxians charge in to eliminate the blighters.  The assault reduces the Legion force to two beasts, a caster and forsaken.
The necrotech builds a few scrap thralls to bolster my numbers and the remaining slayer takes down the ravagore.  Cankerworm comes in from the side and bites the warlock in half.

Definitive Cryx win!
Until next round...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wear Something!!

This will be on a t-shirt.  You can get one and wear it.  You can do whatever you want with it really, it will be your t-shirt after all.  Although I recommend wearing it so the humans can gaze upon your affiliation.

How does one get a RHG shirt?  The answer is simple; send me a note by March 15th regarding sizes and funding.  I am ricalope1 and I reside  at g mail.

And if you're wondering, hoodies and patches are in the foreseeable future...

Until next round.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iron Arena - First Fight in the Hole

 The Resident Rabbits threw down on the arena the weekend after it came home.  I busted out the trolls, led by the Marshal of the Kriels.
 Jordan played Extreme Mr. Terrible...
 ...while Sam brought out Skarre.  We each deployed terrain and chose our corners.  The turn would start with Grissel, then Kharchev, and lastly the pirate queen.
 The columns can be used like cabers by any beast or jack with an open fist, so Marshal scooped one up immediately.
 Kharchev swung around to the open side, while Skarre cautiously advanced. I was in the middle but I had the elevation.
 To throw a wrench at the Cryxians, the mauler and champion charged.  The mauler tore a chunk off the reaper (the champion would go on to wiff every attack roll the whole weekend, aarrgggh.....)
 The Khador jacks fired upon the trolls and took out a slugger while damaging the blitzer.
 - insert icy quote here -
 The mauler wrecks the reaper but is set upon by the leviathan, his time is short.
 Grissel begins to yell at Mr. Terrible who earthquakes her in return.  Knockdowns for everybody!
 The harrower engages a red jack, but most of the attention is on the trolls in the middle.  Oddly, the mauler keeps a cool head and passes two threshold checks??
Skarre uses her feat (the "you can't attack me" thing) while Grissel finishes Kharchev off with some intense yelling and keeps the trolls barely alive with regenerate.
With the leviathan busy killing a troll and the harrower out of range, Skarre attempts to shoot to the troll leader.  The damage is transferred and a blizter lands on the warcaster.  Troll victory!

Until next round.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Planet Claimed

 Moved into my new digs.  I have a den now, with a nice big table!

Naturally I immediately constructed a small world.

It's worth deploying TDA troops to sacred sites.  You never
know what or whom some idiot might be invoking there!