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Friday, June 3, 2011

Assault on Death Mt. - Part Two

Part Two - The End.
Smoke was rising from all over the battlefield, the bodies were starting to pile. The ork doc and his mob powerclawed the landraider to pieces in an attempt to get at the marines inside. Artios and one lone psyker prepared to make an account of themselves.
The Imperials were not going to make this easy...
Although they were all shot down, the lone deff-coptas were making a mess with their rokkits.
From the towers the 609th Command directing holy artillery fire and misdirecting enemy reinforcements. These proved invaluable during the battle.
The marines dove into the orks with boltpistol and combat knives seeking retribution for their landraider.
Although bruised, the defenders still held.
The ork bikers broke through the defense line. Imperial guns were hard-pressed to reduce the numbers of the invaders.
The berserkers found themselves in the middle of a storm of fire. Heretic forces were marshaling around the landing pad.
The raptor champion proved impossible to kill. He continued to harass the leman russ parked at the base of the mountain while dodging battle cannon and heavy bolter rounds.
Ork nobs, led by two warbosses, directly assaulted Death Mt. After the previous casualties, these brutes were nearly impossible to bring down.

Artios joined the Wolfram marines in the assault upon the bikers to retake the gate.
The chaos forces brought more terminators in to support Mr. Huggy's assault. Ivory Command was shredded by the daemon prince after they melted the quadruped.
The orks seemed determined to kill Artois, the blasts of lightning angering the brutes. He fell, but not without a fight.
With a battle-cry, 609th Command assaults the nobs in a desperate attempt. The orks crushed the humans with power claws and took the bunker.
The thunderer got Mr. Huggy's attention, the chaos forces focusing upon the imperial ordinance, smashing through wreckage and shrugging off heavy weapon fire.
The secondary bastion was still held by devastators and a mortar squad. Grimly, they set to placing kill-shots, making each round count.
The vanquisher Apotheosis was badly crippled, but still had a working lascannon, which did nothing. It did block the door nicely.
The area around the secondary bastion was cleared with heavy fire and automated weapons.
Orks held the mountain and half the gate and chaos heavies were dug in --
The battle ended in a draw, which means...
another battle must be fought! Until next round....