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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waaagh Ryan vs the 609th

 ++Objective sighted, no ork returns in sight.++
 ++Belay that, we're going to need back-up.++

 The infantry push was working, all three objectives were held and real damage being done to the ork mobs.

 Then the wagons showed up, and the orks called their Waaagh!

Objectives: Orks 3, Imperial Guard 0.

Steamtown Skirmish

 Skarre and Kharchev met in steamtown.  Spells and explosions flew back and forth, until the Khadorians initiated their charge.
The final round saw Skarre 'jackless.  With her powerfield boosted, she charged through the swinging warjacks at Kharchev.  Any other caster would have fallen, but not Mr. Terrible.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skirmish in the Forest

 Cryx and Legion clash again, Mortenebra and Thagrosh meet in the forest with claws bared.
 The plan was to take out the warbeasts and force Thagrosh to take his own wounds.  If I somehow took out the beasts by hitting Thags, all the better.

 It almost worked...
 With the beasts almost dead, I reeled in Thags and hit him hard..
But the blighted ogrun survived.  Next time Thaggy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chaos Power Struggle

Chris' Beastmen vs. Mike from Unholy Deployment's Chaos arch-list!!!

I didn't manage to document Chaos Dwarfs vs. Chaos tonight, but it sure is nice to be getting some Fantasy in. Ricalope you're next!

cheers everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Apseraph vs Waaagh Ryan

Within the Esidion sector a gate opens to the webway. The Eldar of craftworld Apseraph have detected an intruder, the ork.
The ork horde was highly mechanized with four truck mobs, a wagon with some nobz and a couple of looted wagons. Gretchin, cans, hardboys and lootas rounded off the greenskin's numbers. The Eldar were also highly mobile with two fire prisms, a dragon-loaded falcon, Asyrmen in a serpent, vypers, and two jetbike squadrons (one being the farseer's shining spear bodyguard).

The battle began at high speeds. The main body of ork trucks drove up one flank, while the other was held by the looted wagons. The eldar stayed in motion keeping to range.

The guardian jetbikes were massacred by the lootas, leaving only the warlock alive. As the shining spears killed the lootas in vengeance, the warlock flew off to slay the kans.
It soon became a game of trying to shoot down the trucks before they got to grips with the grav tanks.
The eldar plan was beginning to work. By taking out the trucks at different times, the ork horde was being isolated. But there were still a bunch of angry orks hitting stuff.
Twenty hardboys appear from reserve. They kill the warlock as the psyker takes apart the last killer kan.
The dire avengers make short work of them.

In the end it was a draw. The grudge will continue...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Throw Downs - A Lich's Thoughts

There have been a few Throw Downs here in the Rabbit Hole, often between three forces. Most matches are 30 points, I have been running Asphyxous (and his Cankerworm) for most of them. As a relatively new player, here's my thoughts (with a sprinkling of pictures of table-carnage).
Epic or Prime?
This decision comes down to what units are in the list, due to epic's feat. Both have a nice spell list (mmm...teleport...) but I find prime is better for arc nodes, Deathjack and a skarlock. If you know you will be seeing souls on the table bring epic with a fat bodyguard of zombies (and a doctor), or banes if you got them.
What's in the lists?
Always take Cankerworm, he is the sneakiest, backstabbing, paranoia-causing thing in the entire Nightmare Empire. Reapers are fun for lynching things, (aka; 'the 123 punch', Parasite/reaper/Canker). The Withershadow combine is a favorite, Asphyxious' high-school buddies are pretty handy if they can fit in the list, they are usually seen with prime and Ragman. I am growing fonder of having two slayers running around behind 'scrappers with epic, (I know, I'm weird...but they explode!!)
Tactics, (take with salt): Prime
I try to keep the pressure on with helljacks wiping out beasts and jacks along the way. When I spot the opportunity for a caster-kill I allocate all my focus, get all my focus back with his feat, and attack. The reaper is handy to have, reeling in the offensive caster so everyone can join in the fun. It is a key point to activate Asphyxious first, then Cankerworm, as they will both get out of the way for further charges.
Tactics (also, take with salt): Epic
Epic is similar to prime with teleport and Cankerworm, but his feat is completely different. Epic does not need to hunt the opposing caster down as much as his spectral friends will charge a good nine inches, but his feat is better used elsewhere. I find that epic relies on his battlegroup more, using support solos and the stranger jacks. The corrupter, leviathan and seether are often in my epic lists and my eyes are on a harrower.
Opponents: Circle
The angry druids are a hard one, with their caster bouncing all over the place (admittedly, like mine). Cryxian jacks are usually a match for circle beasts but will often get scrapped by a multiple charge. Soul takers are best against druids due to having so many on the field.
Opponents: Everblight
The other dragon army. Like the Nightmare Empire, legion is fast and hits hard. Most units have good Def and low Arm coupled with some nasty abilities (they are an elf army). The main strength of legion is their beasts, they can throw a lot of buffs around, so I try to take them out then go for the warlock.
Opponents: Khador
The northmen are a solid force, as in they have more Arm and damage boxes than anything I got. Luckily, their Spd and Def leave something to be desired. Parasite does wonders (coupled with Cankerworm's armour piercing) but a lich has to focus on each jack or unit at a time.
Ok, rant over...
Until next time.