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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mistaken identity

Chaladran and her forces get word of more space marines plundering temples on Rashidamin.
They arrive on site to repel the space marines
it is quickly realised that the space marines are Chaos marines, not devoted to any one single deity, so Chaladrans forces decide to put them in their place and teach them about the wonders of Slaanesh.
Tell us a secret, Tell us a secret!
Well little ones, You will have to earn you secrets.
well these marines are suitably cowed, maybe they will sway to the side of Slaanesh. Maybe we can use them to help repel the Imperials that are infecting the planet.

Until next time
-Mistress Samalader

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fluff Is Awesome

This has started popping up stuck to bulkheads all over Heart of Wolfram...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


There is a four player game approaching, and to apply an interesting twist an interesting mission was in order.

The players on each side roll off. The player who scores lowest is attempting Objective A, while the higher roll is attempting Objective B. Objective A is to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy, only this player receives Kill Points for units they destroy (one point each). Objective B is to capture and control as many objective markers as possible, they receive one point for each objective held at the end of their opponent's turn. Before deployment, place five objective markers at least 12" apart, (and from the board edge) rolling off to place the first marker. Only scoring units from a player attempting Objective B can hold a marker, any enemy model may contest. The side with the most points wins, otherwise it is a tactical draw.

Roll a scatter die. Follow the direction to the table edge, from there draw a line through the center of the table, this is the center line. Each side rolls off, the winner chooses to deploy first or second on the table half of their choosing, the opposing side deploys in the opposite half. No models may be deployed within 9" of the center line.

First Turn:
All players roll, each side adds their results together, highest result chooses to go first or second.

Game Length:
Random, roll at end of turn 5, on a 1-2 game ends, and so on...


Old Friend, New Advasary

Andyman came over for a game and we finally got to have a game. He and I have known each other for quite some time but have never met on the field of battle. This is only odd due to the fact that we met at GW.
He ran a (mostly) infantry marine list while I played with my Sisters. His list, which gave me much worry, is based upon the Clone Army (from those sci-fi movies) led by guys wearing all black. They were not fully painted, but that just gives us a good reason to have a painting party some time....
Much happened. Things like Dominions, with meltas, failing to hurt terminators and then getting beaten mercilessly. A firefight that lasted way too long and used an unholy amount of bolter rounds. Marines fleeing the fiery fury of a battle sister squad.
The repentia were wiped out first turn, the Dom's destroyed, so it was up to the Arco's to deal with the termies. They were doing ok until a chapter master stepped in to the melee.
The show was stolen by the Retributors, with two units (one with 4 hvy bolters, the other with 2 and a mm) they did much more than the disarmed Exorcist (first turn, as always).
The Cannoness, and her Seraphim, were a pain (as always). But it was the basic battle sisters who carried the game.

And my opponent's good grace as I burned everything. Until next time Andyman...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Assination at Trubele Mansion.

Full and lethargic from Space marine revelry. Word comes to Chaladran's forces that some Imperials have come through the warp portal opened on Odin Prime.
They find and destroy all but 2 of the Icon beacons, and were on the way to destroy the one in the Trubele mansion.
Honing in on its signal Chaladran materializes beside it and strengthens the signal for the others to follow through.

They lay down some fire and prepare for the coming charge.
You sure like your dolly, But you don't dance very well. Its too bad Chaladran got De-materialized so fast, she would have really enjoyed watching me dance circles around you.
                  Ready Girls, Eat flaming Pompoms you ugly cyborgs.
              Yummy, looks is BBQ time, who brought the sauce?
 The seekers try to take cover behind the rocks but the heavy artillery from the towers was devastating. The fiends sneak in from behind the towers to try to sneak up on the command squad there.

Eilahn runs up and does much damage to the flank around the tower but the imperials are heavily dug down in there.

  Lilith gets infatuated with the robot they call IKE and plays with him much longer that Sevorinia can stomach, She quickly moves off and finds the target. Taking out their Main Commander and starting the breakdown of their morale causing unrest and easy pickings for converts. Once the Assassination is complete the daemons de-materialize to instil a false sense of victory amongst the imperial troops. The Virus in there systems will continue to cause problems, and pave a way for more infection.

-Mistress Samalander