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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Battle in the Old World

The stars were right, they signaled good fortune for the followers of Tzeentch. So the followers of Tzeentch brought war to the men of the Empire.
The warrior's effluent chanting clamored with the bellows of the dragon ogres causing gusts and surges in the winds of magic.
The men of the Empire arrayed themselves in a great line with knights at their core, spears on their right, and pistoleers opposite the dragon ogres.
Their feeble prayers to Sigmar were drowned out by the howls of magic, the warriors began to march forward.
Black powder weapons were loaded, hellblasters and cannons. Before the warriors great shields of sorcery began to shimmer, Tzeentch would not let his warriors fall to cowardly missile-fire.
The Eye begins to form, this is a good omen for the warriors, beneath their helms they allow themselves a smile. Flames of magic answer the Empire's fusillade, warriors on both sides begin to die.
The Eye begins to close as the dragon ogres press through the fire of the pistoleers and charge them. Men and horses are smashed apart with ease. Cannon-fire continued to target the shaggoth, eventually killing him.
The dragon ogres did not take the death of their cousin well. Unlucky for the pistoleers, being between them and the cannon.
The knights held their charge to maximize the potential of their shooting, allowing Tzeentch's warriors to charge them. Cackling like a deranged lunatic, the sorceror casts Infernal Gateway upon the unengaged knights. Reality opens up and swallows the unit, along with the Empire general. The Exalted challenges the templar hero and slays him with her daemon-blade, the Gods see this and grant her strength.
The Eye closes. The gods of fate are not kind to the artillery, a hellblaster and a cannon were the casualties of spontaneous combustion. The swordsmen were butchered, as were the marauders. The Empire was left with one massive unit of spearmen led by a priest.
The daemon prince was pleased.
The chaos general threw insults and fire at the Sigmarite, who in turn brought his unit to bear upon him.
The warriors set about butchering the remainder of the Empire artillery with single-minded purpose.
Alone, the dragon ogre champion exacts his revenge upon the cannon crew. Throw cannon-balls at my friends will you....
The daemon prince casually killed the Empire's men as his army swung around to encircle them. The Magi-cult of Tzeentch was victorious, there will be much feasting in the lodges this evening.