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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terraform Weekend - Part Three

Back to it, day three and four. The daemon planet gets a nifty new bridge which Billy (not shown) walked across for almost an entire day.
As it became Monday the daemon terrain got some paint. Billy was absent for this as he is afraid of spray.
And yes, Steamtown is now operational, as a battleground at least. There are plans for more pictures and some backstory for a future Warp Wednesday.
The ork terrain is ready for primer and paint, which means I will have to have him over to finish it (which causes minor tremors in the Hole).
This piece is awesome, and hides many ninjas...
It was a fun and productive weekend by all accounts! Cheers to all who appeared! Until next round, be well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terraform Weekend - Part Two

On day two, Billy takes a morning stroll through Steamtown, it is growing fast and nearly complete.
Later in the day Billy asked Corey (the corrupter) to help out with the fence. I guess the scissors were too big for him...
He also made frequent trips to see the other rabbit's creations, which was difficult due to the constantly changing landscape.
The painting of Steamtown has begun, "The Great Rusting" as the townsfolk call it.
With many projects left, we better get back to it...
Until next round...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Terraform Weekend - Part One

This weekend The Rabbit Hole is on a terrain binge. There are piles of styrofoam, wood and plastic of various shapes and sizes to be transformed. Day One made some good progress....
Our scale-assistant and tour-guide for the weekend is Billy, the scrapthrall. Here is Billy with the beginnings of Steamtown.
When Billy and I woke this morning, Steamtown had grown to a much larger and wilder, state. Other rabbits had been by, creating mesas and bunkers for their homeworlds and adding to Steamtown.
Distantly, Billy can see the wraithbone beginning to grow.
Another day on the terraforming table amid the raw chaos. Don't worry, a scrapper like him should be fine.

Until next round, be well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bezis pt. 2 & swimming eagle's continued insanity.

So. Remember this wodge with arms and legs? Looks promising, right?

Now, how to progress towards a polished piece? As witnessed in my From Catachans to Cat conversion, my zen bulls*##t approach consists of applying paint or putty, then carve with my x-acto, then applying paint or putty, then carving, etc, etc... back and forth as I see fit until the thing is done.

swimming eagle mini in progress displays primer, green stuff and grey plastic.

This approach is at the other end of the spectrum from, say, Ricalope's exquisitely planned and executed concepts. If you want technique advice I would suggest listening to him. I am and always will be a zen freak. Somehow I'm able to rock it.

As you see below, the wodge has been carved and painted and is starting anyway to better resemble my concept drawing:

Her arms and legs need to be thickened (this time with Green Stuff which is far superior to White Stuff for detail) and in the process I can correct the margin of error in the paper clip skeleton's pose by adding to the front or back of the clip instead of making it the centre of the limb. Also that 'shoulder' that is way too high will become leopard-skin cloak...

I can't speak to the long-term stability of models composed of a million strata of putty, metal, paint and plastic, but it's been working fine for Wiji Mog (below left)(formerly a Brettonian bowman) and Bezis is continuing to resolve, as you can see!

I'm excited!!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bezis pt. 1

This magnificent creature is called Bezis. Bezis is a halfling fleshcaster in Ricalope's 0ld 0rder campaign of the pencil-and-paper roleplaying game nWo.

nWo is a dynamic game system that offers endless leeway for the creative mind. Recently the 0ld 0rder gang rammed and boarded a pirate ship off the coast of Phoenicia, sailed it into port, sourced out a magic nodestone and did some biz to get it installed... now we have a ship that flies! (Bezis wants to name her the 'Hydradile'.)

Roughed out in two parts: legs/base and torso/arms. DAS 'white stuff' over paper clip...

Many players like to immortalize their character with a miniature... besides being a fun challenge of construction, having a mini for your nWo character is a big help when it comes time to pull out the hexmap. It's also that much more satisfying than a good 'counts-as' model; even in as well-equipped a gameplace as the Rabbit Hole!

Specialist Marks confirms the new mini will be halfling-height. Lucky eyeballing!

Bezis will wield her brass dagger in the outstretched hand, while the other will hold her obsidian axe.

Stay tuned for more bodywork, and eventually, painting...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emgagement at Praxis Site

Chaos forces made a second attempt at Praxis Site after the withdraw of Imperial forces.
Under the cover of warp interference, Mr. Huggy's forces crept into the ruins. They were spotted by pathfinders of Craftworld Apseraph who immediately called in support.
An Avatar was mobilized to lead the conscripted guardians. Battle was joined at the river crossing.
Chaos approaches the river...
The guardians cross the river, moving towards the other objective, followed by the Avatar.
As the havocs dig in, the striking scorpions assault and cut them down.
The Avatar and Mr. Huggy engage each other in combat while the warp spiders arrive to deal with the lesser daemons. The eldar deal their damage with lightning speed sending the daemons back to the warp in pieces.
The harlequins get shot to hell by teleporting terminators who cause enough casualties to put them out of the battle.
Reinforcements from both sides move in. The Avatar and Autarch engage the deep striking chaos units as the guardians and wraithlord give fire-support.
The last surviving raptor, the champion, presses his attack against the guardians.
Done with the havocs, the scorpions set their eyes on the next target.
The scorpion's quarry is immobilized by some sneaky war walkers.
The guardians move on to the second objective, supported by two wraithlords. Although the eldar were gaining ground, the chaos forces still had many terminators and armour support left.
With the eldar losing models fast, most of the guns were directed at the terminators, who simply walked through it.
Casualties were high on both sides, Mr. Huggy and the Avatar to name the biggest. The battle ended with the eldar ahead, but only slightly...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Terraform Weekend

The terrain bin is overflowing, it is time for another Terrain Party!

Starting on Sept 23rd (Friday) and going until the 26th (Monday), the Rabbit Hole will be open for terraformers of all kinds! There will be much awesome packed in here.

We have a ton of raw material to use, and (nearly) all the tools required. All you have to bring is yourself, bitz you want to use, and energy drinks. The best part; you get to keep what you build!

Friday and Saturday will be devoted to building, while Sunday and Monday are for painting. You don't need to be in the Hole the whole time, feel free to drop in for an hour or two and make something cool for your table.

Questions? See you here.