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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adventuring Party - Female Duelist

Meet the latest addition to the Adventuring Party; the Duelist Chick. This is easily my favorite model for this group yet. As there is no overall color scheme, I just tried to make her look the way she did in my head, and I think I got pretty close.
The pose is awesome, and the sculpt was full of details like threading, buckles and the pre-req goggles. A lot of washes went into this one to make the colors soft and as smooth as I can get.
(I really need to glue some grass to these guys.)
Until next round.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Throw Down x2

Mortenebra and Kharchev met to settle a grudge, each caster brought 50 points of tier 4 metal to grind. The Khadorians sported a second unit of man'o'wars and a trio of greylords as new additions. The Cryxians brought out their newest horror; Deathjack.
Team evil got first turn, and with it was much running, while the northmen attacked at range.
The bonejacks attempted to tie up the man'o'wars (along with the seether, he does what he wants). Deathjack lead the charge is a spectral fashion, there was much yelling.
Mortenebra had over extended her forces and the leading charge was hit by tonnes of red iron. Badly damaged, Deathjack, the seether and the slayer held on. Luckily, a necrotech was close by to repair Deathjack's systems, and a warwitch was able to give him a focus. The massive helljack was able to hit Mr. Terrible back, but the big caster 'lived' to scrap him the next round. From the shadows, a spectral reaper (without harpoon) sideswiped Kharchev, victory for Cryx!
The next day, a meeting between Asphixious and Boomhowler was interrupted by Mr. Terrible, the iron lich made an example out of the heaviest jack.
Something odd was being noticed, namely, dragonkind. Freshly hatched Legion beasts began to infest the table, led by Thagrosh.

The beasts were driven off, at Khador's expense. The soldiers of the Motherland did manage to kill Typhon, while Asphixious sent a helljack after Thagrosh. With all of his battlegroup operational, Kharchev was next.

That was two Throw Downs this week, the forces of Asphixious are triumphant (tis time). Until next round.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Adventuring Party - The Ranger

Here is another addition to the Adventuring Party; the ranger. Another Iron Kingdoms mini, this one seemed much simpler than the others, but simple also means quick.
I stayed with the traditional ranger-tones with lots of green and brown. Not much else to say about this one...
Until next round.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adventuring Party - Monster Hunter

The rpg minis continue. Meet the monster hunter, another fun sculpt from the Iron Kingdoms range. Happily, he is adorned with all manner of essentials; goggles, lots of buckles, rivets and a nice gun.
Even with all his fiddly bits, he was a fun and quick model to paint. The red coat is to signify his ego, while the green lenses offset it. This was my first use of PP's blighted gold, and I am really enjoying the effect.
That's it for now, more to come! Until next round.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daily Lope 12 - New Places and Old

Greetings fellow bunnies, hares, rabbits and humans. As GottaCon has become our unofficial start of the geek year. (A geek year is like a tax year, but way better.) With this new year a few plans have come to light, involving a handful of games. Personally, I want to roam the plentiful variety of gaming, and I hope to expand my repertoire. Some major RHG ideas are:
The Phasian War (40k)
The new year's standings will begin from zero and rise for each army as they fight. Battles are not restricted to those in the Rabbit Hole, all games which have posted content on the RHG blog will receive win/draw/loss. Just be sure to be clear that the battle was indeed in the Phasian Sector and what the outcome was.

Throw Downs (Warmachine/Hordes)
I once ran the GWF (Giant Wrestling Federation), which was a fun and quick sport , ran weekly and was bloody as hell. A Throw Down is like that, and on Sundays. Ranging in points, paired or multiplayer, novice or veteran, depending on our moods, and every Sunday 2-5pm. Standings will be noted.

Nightmare Worlds (Malefaux)
Very soon, the Rabbit Hole will be picking up the Malefaux ruleset and some minis. Anyone who has/wants a set of these minis, now is the time to start (starting Guild, I cannot resist undead gunslingers...)

Zero Terminus (nWo)
The new green book is circulating, cleaning up a few rough edges left from the last edition. As far as I know, there are five campaigns on the go, and going strong. WTF?! takes place on the 5th, with a bunch of rockstars who have commandeered the storyline, (sorry Tayo, we ARE pirates.) Transcendence also travels the 5th seeking a way to release the prisoners within the 3 masks, but Paw Gour is never far. Sogrum's technology is reaching an epoch, and a brand new group set out to earn a living amid steam and sorcery. The 0ld 0rder is close to their first goal and it will only get harder once they find it. The fifth is a campaign which I am planning to drop in on and know little about.

This is a game I must play soon. I will barter with drinks.....

The most immediate swag plans/ideas are RHG and nWo patches by summer. "Stealth" t-shrits by then or just after. Dice, d10's and d6's, with the rabbit as soon as I find a place to get them done.
The Toon World Order is coming, in comic form. It's like nWo on ancient Mayan tea on Saturday morning in a TV store. Bring a pillow.