Who We Are

Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Radical Strike

Inquisitor Bacardi loaded up and headed into the chaos-held industrial zones. She was determined to deflect the chaos horde at the oil line.
Contact was made immediately, her ground forces opened fire and air support was called in. The Invincible, and both russes began a terrible toll on the traitor marines.
Veterans and stormtroopers advanced in their transports. The enemy seemed to be made up of many killer robots who were becoming a problem for the Imperials.
The punisher held the central line, pouring shots into the center, but it could not stop the obliterators from melting the Inquisitor's transport. Daemonhosts and aircraft were arriving everywhere.
The field of battle was choking with smoke and craters. The russes and vultures were holding, but not much else. The veterans were still alive, but not the stormtroopers, and there was still lots of chaos left.
The daemonhuntress, after killing a deamon prince, went after a greater deamon. She killed it (as Inquisitors do), but was then smashed by a dreadnought. Both sides took great losses, leaving the heretics with no objectives. Only the drop-vets were able to hold an objective, which they took from some havocs (with the help of meltas and shotguns).

A close battle...real f**king close. =I=