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Sunday, February 6, 2011

From the Field 02: Terraforming...then War!

I would like to thank this man, for inviting me (and the Rabbit Hole's terrain) to GottaCon, here he is terraforming. This was probally the easiest part if his weekend, as he is the (most high) coordinator of the 40k, Fantasy and LoTR tournaments. The logistics of organizing 100 wargamers must be nuts, so cheers to his efforts!
Here is a look at some of the tables that will host our little war.
Had the chance to play a pick-up game against Tau on the ork table, not a mon-keigh for miles.
Jungle/crash site...
Paul's partly-overgrown Imperial ruins.
The altar to the Scheming Godzilla.
The eldar table made it....
...as did the tyranid's...
...and of course Death Mountain.
Samalander's jungle now spans five tables!
The apocalypse battle was loud and rowdy, and then I was derailed by Monsterocalypse and gawking at models.
When things got too quiet we started hunting zombies...mmmmmm
The next day the eldar were put to work as the tournament began. First game, Iron Hands.
It was a great game, my walkers even saw some combat (lol), ended with a draw.
The second game was against the witch-hunters, who brought nine immolators. Sadly, my elves were crispy...
We did deal a satisfying amount of damage to each other, but the eldar lost the squig. Mind you, we don't have much of an appetite for squigs.
Third game was on the church table (one of mine), defending it against the Khorne-convoy. I think my eldar were offended, seeing tanks of the blood god on Rabbit Hole road, they knocked out the Land Raider first turn. After an epic battle between Kharn and Jaher, the game was lost due to a fluffy move.

Thems the beans, to bad it has to end...