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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dark Angels vs. Slaanesh daemons

 I choose to play my tournament list. and my opponent Paul is playing his Favoured Deatwhing list. We are using 1750 points.
Land raider drives into trees, and immobilises itself, first turn. 
Terminators deep strike and wipe out Centaurs.
 Sevorinia and Harpies sweep in to take out terminators.
 Daemonettes land in river but nobody is swept away and the tank drives in front of the seekers, tries to shoot them down but they make all their saves.
 Soul grinder decides its time to cross the river after being the soul target of all the fire power from across the river, which had no effect.
 Soulgrinder charges terminators with harpies who end up being nothing more than cannon fodder.
 Sevorinia and fiends tag team terminators but Sevorinia kills them all before the fiends even get to do anything, to their utter dismay.

 one fiend sitting back on the objective hoping a unit of daemonettes can get here soon, but the game ended, before that could happen counting this as a contested objective.
 the main objective heavily contested as the point of main battle everything is converging on this point. the Soulgrinder destroyed in the middle of it all causing a big roadblock.
some daemonettes and seekers on their clean-up route towards the objective. unfortunately they cannot do anything to that land raider but they cleaned up all the snipers hiding around it. End of game was a tie, I made a few mistakes that I noticed afterwards, I should have deepstriked my horrors on the objective in the middle and a unit of daemoettes hidden near by, I should have deepstriked my other unit of daemonettes on the back table objective, fiends need to support soul grinder and Sevorinia takes care of big tanks as she is the only one capable. other than flamers. terminators melt good and flamers, i need to trade the unit of harpies for another unit of flamers. But other than that this list is actually quite good. And the dice gods like me, which helps a lot. Must be my constant devotion to Slaanesh. 
-Mistress Samalander.