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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Lope 08

On the outside of the Western Fringe there is a section of war-scarred space. Once known as the Phasian System, the Phasian Cloud spins around a warp storm which has taken residence within its star. Several planets stay caught in the magnetic pull of the storm, orbiting through interstellar ruin.

The Phasian Cloud travels through the galaxy faster than it should and is beginning to reach the Odin System. The Imperial world of Odin Prime, beset already by heretic forces, now faces the oncoming warp storm and its inhabitants. The Inquisition has taken command of the system's defenses under the overall command of Inquisitess-General Bacardi.

The Phasian War will work on a strategy point system, which are earned by playing games, in addition to campaign maps. Strategy points are earned after a game; win 3, draw 2, loss 1. These points can then be used to purchase veteran abilities, stratagems (from Planetstrike or CoD for points listed, Apoc for twice), spearheads, or challenge special missions. (A definitive list and fiddly rule-bits will be it's own post, soon.)

This way an army could win a game (earning 3sp), then challenge an annihilation mission, and purchase a power generator for those veterans. If the power generator survives it can be used in the next game(s), like the veteran abilities in the main book. Thoughts?
And I will leave you with a (blurry) picture of my map (before any hex-mapping, etc). I hope that helps with your campaign thinking,