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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strategy Points

Over the course of a war army generals will make use of many tactics, masses of infantry and armor will be destroyed, and the survivors will be stronger and more deadly. Strategy Points (SP) allow a general to bring resources from one battlefield to another, advance the skills of veteran units and even select the battlefield and objectives.

Many missions have stratagems (or assets), anything purchased with SP is in addition to points allocated from the mission being played and do not effect each other. For instance, if a Cities of Death mission was being played, a player may purchase two sewer rat stratagems (one with SP, one from the mission). Only one of each stratagem (or asset) may be purchased with SP, (therefore a player cannot have 3 sewer rat stratagems for instance).

Earning SP:

Each game played will earn the player one or more SP depending on the game result.

Loss – 1

Draw – 2

Win – 3

Spending SP:

SP may be spent many different ways, from purchasing abilities and upgrades to challenging missions.

Veteran Skills – A unit may be selected to earn veteran abilities for one SP. Refer to the section in the 40k rulebook (pg 263) for specifics. The only difference is that the number of units nominated is equal to SP spent (a unit will still lose a veteran ability if wiped out, etc.)

Cities of Death Stratagems – A stratagem chosen from the Cities of Death book may be used for one SP each. These are often mounted upon trailers (or carried around, reused, etc.) and are able to be used from battle to battle. All stratagems chosen must be represented with a marker, treat any stratagem marker as an immobile vehicle with AV 11 (unless otherwise noted).

Planetstrike Stratagems – Stratagems from the Planetstrike book may be purchased at the costs listed (1 SP equals 1 Stratagem Point). Like the CoD Stratagems, use markers to represent all stratagems chosen (unless already represented), these are AV 11 immobile vehicles (unless noted).

Strategic Assets – Strategic Assets are purchased from the Apocalypse books, one asset may be purchased for one SP. Strategic Assets may only be used during a single game and do not carry over from battle to battle (unlike stratagems).

– The ability to use a spearhead formation may be purchased for one SP. Like veteran abilities, a spearhead formation will lose its abilities, and the ability to be fielded as a spearhead, if wiped out during any game. Spearhead formations can be found on the GW website as well as in a WD(?).

Challenging Missions – A player may select the mission to be played against a selected opponent. The challenger may choose from any of the Standard Missions, Cities of Death and Battle Missions for one SP, or a Special Mission or Planetstrike for two SP. An Apocalypse game may be challenged with 3 SP, an apocalypse game may include more than two players, if so, the challenging side may divide the SP cost between them.