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Monday, March 14, 2011

Defense Force Repels Chaos Assault

Sector 42-Gamma was the scene of more fighting today as chaos forces attempted to seize the active warp-disturbance in the area.
The defense forces had pulled back, due to quarantine restrictions, when they were alerted of unauthorized movement in the area.
The streets seemed clear, but Imperial forces were mobilized anyway.
Aerial surveillance caught sight of a flight of chaos raptors escorting some beast towards the rift. At this point, the defense forces were still outside the quarantine area.
The first unit to confirm hostiles was the centaur carrier, its thudd gun crew disembarking, bombardment commenced.
OPDF dug in to the eastern side of the objective, setting up heavy mortars while infantry marched to the center.
Techpriest Phoboes targeted the raptors with his ogryn servitors, who thundered towards the traitor marines.
Before the ogryns could reach them the traitors destroyed the centaur. The huge servitors delivered Imperial justice with claw and riper gun.
The traitors were under torrents of fire, but most of it fell short or was nullified by the ruins. Still, the OPDF pushed forward.
The surviving raptors linked up with their daemon prince and went after the veterans. Lasgun fire and great plumes of promethium flame were to follow.
The heretics summoned daemons from the warp to stop the ogryns. Imperial vengence was swift upon these abominations.
Through the fire Mr. Huggy, the daemon prince, charged the veterans. Their names will be recorded in the Hall of Heroes for their sacrifice.
Following the daemons came berserkers. Again the ogryns prevented any followers of the fell gods to reach the objective.
After IKE felled Mr. Huggy, the traitors had one objective to the Imperial two, forcing the heretics back from the city sector.