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Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Catachans to Cat


I am working on some allies to hopefully use in the Phasian War.

One day I was at work doing something repetitive and imagined what it would be like to 'port myself into the Warhammer 40,000 universe (or at least its style). I'm sure we've all done this sort of thing lots of times, you could make an argument that expressing yourself is a huge part of gaming (the role-playing part).

Ack! Ees no head!

But this particular day, I was in an expansive frame of mind and my brain went for the character in a way I considered hilarious and awesome enough to want to model, power and cost me so I could play me...

I made me from bitz I got in a Catachan Command Squad box, since I wanted a 'combat jacket' sort of look over a tank top, with some bare arm and unobtrusive military pants (UMPs).

I had to whittle a lot of the beef off the Catachan upper limbs so as to not overexaggerate my physique. Also gone is the gut and waistline from Catachan six-pack. Kitty is lean strong, not beefy and bunchy muscle bundles! The boots were huge and had to be cut down too. I use my clippers for a lot of the important cutting, and an x-acto blade to finish.

Modeled my cat ears and mirror aviatorshades and tail on. These things cheer me up to wear :) Also above, his squad of Vanguard vets and all of their converted Razorback, which is my theory so far. Below, beginning the process of modelling rolled-up sleeves from little snakes of putty.

As often happens when I am manipulating a model to get the body language just so, I breaked it. Oops, whatever. This is part of why I almost always use superglue and not plastic glue - superglue joins are brittle, plastic glue joins become totally fused...

Above: Hardening up with some black primer. You can see where I am continuing to shave bits off with my x-acto knife. My models get pecked and picked at in a nonlinear process until I like them best...

Painting and yep, I broke it again. Sometimes kitty has to dry in silly positions. But each time, something has been clipped away or beveled off, and winds up a little neater.

"I've been an academic, I've been a sage, I've been a rock star. Nothing beats the direct action of applying withering flames to killers and degenerate monsters. I don't care if there's no audience. This is art."

Silo: K-3 by swimming eagle & rabbit hole

Thanks to everyone who kept talking about putty. Maybe someday I'll learn washes. :)))