Who We Are

Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Terraform Weekend

The terrain bin is overflowing, it is time for another Terrain Party!

Starting on Sept 23rd (Friday) and going until the 26th (Monday), the Rabbit Hole will be open for terraformers of all kinds! There will be much awesome packed in here.

We have a ton of raw material to use, and (nearly) all the tools required. All you have to bring is yourself, bitz you want to use, and energy drinks. The best part; you get to keep what you build!

Friday and Saturday will be devoted to building, while Sunday and Monday are for painting. You don't need to be in the Hole the whole time, feel free to drop in for an hour or two and make something cool for your table.

Questions? See you here.