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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bezis pt. 2 & swimming eagle's continued insanity.

So. Remember this wodge with arms and legs? Looks promising, right?

Now, how to progress towards a polished piece? As witnessed in my From Catachans to Cat conversion, my zen bulls*##t approach consists of applying paint or putty, then carve with my x-acto, then applying paint or putty, then carving, etc, etc... back and forth as I see fit until the thing is done.

swimming eagle mini in progress displays primer, green stuff and grey plastic.

This approach is at the other end of the spectrum from, say, Ricalope's exquisitely planned and executed concepts. If you want technique advice I would suggest listening to him. I am and always will be a zen freak. Somehow I'm able to rock it.

As you see below, the wodge has been carved and painted and is starting anyway to better resemble my concept drawing:

Her arms and legs need to be thickened (this time with Green Stuff which is far superior to White Stuff for detail) and in the process I can correct the margin of error in the paper clip skeleton's pose by adding to the front or back of the clip instead of making it the centre of the limb. Also that 'shoulder' that is way too high will become leopard-skin cloak...

I can't speak to the long-term stability of models composed of a million strata of putty, metal, paint and plastic, but it's been working fine for Wiji Mog (below left)(formerly a Brettonian bowman) and Bezis is continuing to resolve, as you can see!

I'm excited!!! :)