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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Praxis Site

West of Hive Tempestus is an area designated Ellion Primus (**map render - E1**). Ordos Xenos classifies the Ellion ruins as eldar in origin, the Ordos Psycana reports of psychic 'hemorrhaging' at random intervals. Delta Team is sent in to flush out heretic forces which have gone to ground within the ruins.
Dawn breaks. A loud-vox swings out from the valkyrie transport. War hymns of the Emperor, the ultra heavy beat, wash over the target zone.
Scrapcode scrapes across the vox-net as twisted machine spirits howl back at the Imperials. The playthings are discarded and forgotten.
The 609th armour rolls in to engage like a black iron tide spitting heavy caliber rounds. As if in spite, comets descend from the sky, embedding marines into the battlefield.
++Third Eye, Zero Leader. Confirmation, Wolfram drop pods. Engage?++
++Zero Leader, Huckish. Confirm Mr. fething Huggy, engaging!++
++Thank you for flying Zero Squadron, engaging.++
The Imperials were being resisted by growing numbers of traitors. The Wolfram's s arachnoid mutants, daemons, terminators and a dreadnought were brought directly into the center line.
Safeties off, Wolfram marines disembark from their pod to find a psychic choir. The psykers wail in precognition as the triggers are squeezed.
The traitor's fire was withering, but Crimson Platoon's drivers were able to isolate, and even surround them. The Imperials answered with massed fire.
Under Commissar Roxy's eye, Crimson 1 stood their ground unloading all they could at Mr. Huggy. The squad's chimera transport mysteriously gone...

++Zero Leader, Crimson 2. See those robots there?++
++Sorry Crimson 2. I only see wreckage.++
The mutants assault through the leman russ into the sentinels provoking melee combat.
++Recon 3, step on the gak-heads! Sorry Third Eye, the flashlights are out 'til later.++
The surviving terminators watch the Wolfram machine charge an Imperial vehicle with their liege. The standard bearer allows a smile to flicker across his face.
The traitors regroup for another push, both sides have taken heavy loses, the Imperials grimly reload.
++Zero Squadron, Crimson 2. Requesting support, I have a really pissed deamon on my arse...++
++Crimson 2, settle down, we have line of sight to your problem.++
The other russ is destroyed. With no ground gained, the Imperials pull back.
Upon regrouping, the second push was planned, this time with the Daughters of Oden. Ground elements were armored, while Delta Team employed heavy air support.
Broadcasting at maximum volume, the redeemer Lucia spearheaded the assault. The traitors prepared to repel the second assault, employing dreads and terminators.
The Daughters surged forward bringing their holy flame into range while Imperial Navy elements delayed the heretic's reserves. The purge operation was under way.
The Stricken's dreadnought ran towards Lucia screaming corrupted machine-code. The sisters were silent in anger, Confessor Smirnoff was screaming. He finally stopped when his eviscerator was clogged with ceramite.
Once the Wolfram's sorceror was sighted, Squad Alfa dropped to support the dominions. Melta, plasma and hot-shots cut through marines.
Squad Beta dropped inside the chaos camp beside the havocs. After killing a couple of the heavy gunners all further contact was lost.
The Imperial forces began to divide the traitors, with both the leman russ and the exorcist scoring many kills.
The traitors would not run, whether it was out of fury or bravery the Daughters did not care.
The Stricken began to form a defensive block, but Lucia was rolling towards them...
Heavy fire still poured out of the chaos camp, finally supported by their terminators, but the Imperials still had numbers on their side.
The Black Legion took the brunt of the Imperials' wrath, and they still held.
V.Sgt Steffler led his stormtroopers towards the Wolfram sorceror with the sisterhood giving covering fire.
The Stricken and Wolfram elements were cut off from each other, but holding ground.
The chaos camp would not be taken easily, Jezebel and her seraphim engaged to crack their defenses. No marine could stand before the Saint and live with heresy in their minds.
At the same time, the celestians charged into the Black Legion terminators. Half of the sisters were cut down, a small price to pay.
Palatine Cepharelli stood atop the ruins, challenging the traitors with banners flying in the jetwash behind her.
Victory was hard-won, many sisters and guardsmen will be added to honor rolls, but chaos was pushed from Praxis Site.