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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Way to Fight - Warmachine

Both Samalander and I played our first few of games of Warmachine this week. The first game took a couple hours, the second took an hour, and the third (a day later) an hour and a half. Seventeen points each (Samalander's max points).
The first round had a small learning curve. Not knowing what units did was eliminated by the stat cards, which made for a bit of reading the first couple of turns. She was playing a eSkarre list, I ran eAsphixious. Iron Lich's don't belong in the middle of combat, lesson learned.
The second game ran much smoother, with the rules still fresh in mind. Knowing how things did stuff was a big tactical advantage, for both of us. There was much soul-reaping as the pirate queen was taken down.
The third game went nearly as smooth as the second, even a day later (and I was using a different force). Things were balanced until Asphixious gambled everything, and lost, barely.
What did I learn? Cankerworm is a cute little dastard. Use arc nodes. Throwing smaller 'jacks around is funny. Don't trust pirates (especially horned girl-pirates). Pistol wraiths are sweet.
It looks like I have more terrain to make. Steampunk village, yes please! (Must include graveyard.)
I declare Warmachine "Ricalope Approved." I might even dabble in those Trollbloods next year....
Until next round, be well.