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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Test of Iron - Space Marines

The Test of Iron. A 609th Armored detatchment sets out from Tempestus Hive to engage and destroy all enemy targets. The question; is 'tank spam' all that bad?
The first battle, engaging marine forces in a nearby industrial zone.
Deployment consisted of the Imperial tanks in position for a 'scissor' attack, the marines deployed a dread and a land raider, slim targets.
Much of the armor moved forward under the screen of smoke launchers, the others placed their shots well.
Contact was made, the marines employed drop pods to deploy the core of their forces.
A miscalculation was made, causing a pod to land in the Imperial fire-zone.
*that does not look like a loyalist....*
Crimson 1 was first out, their transport having been melta'd. With fresh magazines they prepared to return fire.
As the Imperial reprisal began in earnest, terminators appeared behind the line. Multiple target-locks immediately re-prioritized.
As the exterminator and dreadnought collided, more abominations began to show in the marine ranks...
The Lord Commissar and the Wolf-Pack went to engage the terminators. Their plasma weapons, supported by tank-fire, was the best solution.
Missiles and battle-cannon rounds simply bounced off the land raider's hull as it placed killing shots into the Imperials, it was refusing to be wounded.
The melee between the veterans and terminators intensified as tanks exploded around them. The presence of the commissariat was pivotal in keeping morale up.
Casualties were mounting on both sides. The once populated battlefield was getting scarce.
The sheer horror of the spider-marines was enough for many gunners to miss as they casually walked through waves of promethium.
The land raider had to die, the Knight Commander was the only gun left to do the job, but line of sight was slim.
The tank commander was up to the challenge, placing a kill-shot on the marine vehicle.
The marines were gaining more kills than the Imperials, but not by much. Both sides threw themselves against the enemy with everything they had left...
As the great plumes of smoke cleared, the marines had earned a close victory with one more kill-point than the Imperials.