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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A tale of two tables: Spaceship vs. Castlelands

I wanted to do an experiment with insubstantial space goo and Kyoob; so I put together a spaceship out of terrain I had available.  Needless to say there are a lot of anachronisms and a lot of stand-ins.  But the layout is legitimate, and I like to think it just gives it a Druillet space-caravan kind of juxtaposition.  For now.  Spot the cat.

Below is a detail of the forward area of the ship.  Bottom is the air-lock, showing as closed.  To the left is the ship's cockpit, with a two-star chokepoint at the entrance.  Above would be crew quarters (I need some hi-tech bunks or something.  There's just a couple of potted plants right now).

Connecting the front and end of the ship is the corridor, serving as scrubber plant farm and protection from the dangerous engine.  The flat black tree thing represents a locked door: #70, which needs a model with 10 LOAD/UNLOAD to access.  This one has a capacity of ten stars; as does the hatch to engineering.  I've discovered it's important to allow access to an an epic map!

Below is the aft of the ship.  Engineering section distinguished by uncommon hazardous environment, as signed.

Here is the ship with its armoured shroud off.  I had some fun on this map playing the scenario below:

Cat feat.

Space marine ship docks with ghost ship: power off, life support down.  Squad of three bolter marines, one plasma cannon marine, all with 10 ATMO  + 10 PRESSURE go in.  They search and clear the forward area and determine the hatch to the rear of the ship is impassable.  Techmarine Kyoob comes aboard, will unfoul the hatch and fix the power and life support.

At that point Master Draeger and the Sarge come aboard (helmetless models are NOT allowed 10 ATMO/PRESSURE!) to inspect.  Right then some devious ectoplasmic space goo starts using its 100 WILL to take thrall of Kyoob in the corridor.  The goo now uses Kyoob to access the engineering controls and terminate the ship's life support.

Using Kyoob's advanced weapons the ectoplasmic goo can likely mulch the remaining tac marines if it cannot enthral them.  If Goo/Kyoob reaches the cockpit for'ard, he/they can unlock the two ships and leap into hyperspace.  Grand theft spaceship!

In other news, I needed a castle and surrounding lands to test some ghosts and haunted horse archers:

Below, the interior of the castle with keep.

Did a little more work on it, including tiny chair.  Go BC Shavers & Hobbies.

Mongols!  I'd better go and paint that cockatrice.

I hope you have enjoyed my views.
- C.