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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bash Yer Neighbor

I ran a BRUTAL scenario to help me work out how best to divide attacks, generally resolve weird crap and What To Expect.  This was in the form of a sports game.  No "Hearts and Minds" cards or powers were permitted (ie: no 100 WILL).  Purely pugilism.  Charles Coal, CL (Chaos Lawyer) officiating.  Each of my available 'teams' is accorded a Dude and three followers.

To decide who would go I rolled for "Instability" using some D6s, and Odkolek (top right zone) threw the first blow, how uncharaceristic of him!

Then it was the Star Wolf (bottom left zone) and her minion-hounds.

I rolled again to see which direction they would attack, with 1-2-3 being R and 4-5-6 being L.  They both attacked Mufon the Space Dwarf!  Guess he smells bad after all that time in deep space in that little ship...

The Star Wolf zorched two of Mufon's mallet-bots with eye bolts (5+5).  Then (see below) the #20s hit.  (I am omitting a lot of attacks which would simply be ineffective against Mufon and his followers because none of them have any normal wounds, only stars.)

Mufon dishes out four stars of damage.  My fateful decision was to divide this between the two attacking factions, taking out only followers.  What I probably should have done is focused on either the Star Wolf or Odkolek, which would kill them and nerf their faction completely.  Still gonna die though...  with five star wounds against!

Charles calls the survivors of the first round to the inner ring.  We roll for "Instability" again, and again the main aggressor is Odkolek.  Because it was fluffy I also threw in Kraak's team (top left zone).  Can only be patient to kill something for so long.

O. and K. choose their direction of attack.  They both attack the Star Wolf!

The Tek Arrows of Skinks, stellar-lupine eye bolts and Kraak's photon bombs dispense some killing.

We ended with a showdown.  The Star Wolf was doomed.  But her survival to use her three #20 attacks meant she could still rip out one opponent's throat before the bell.  I chose Odkolek, as they have shared a battlefield before.

And Kraak's faction of Void Reptiles is the winner!!  If that sword-brute is smart he'll just run away.

Kraak has performed exceptionally well lately, and I wouldn't mind pitching him against some ruffians in the Turok game yet-to-be.  Once I'm over this stupid cold.  'Til next time!