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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Escalation II - 2

 The battle for Steamtown continues.  Eregore and Gunnbjorn meet at the town's edge with guns and spells blazing.  The bonejacks' arc nodes angered the dire trolls from the start, and were thusly scrapped first.
 Severe damage was being dealt on both sides.  If it wasn't for regeneration, there would have been fewer trolls.
 The coven continued to evade the thumper crew with stealthy things and keeping their distance.  But they could tell that their 'jacks were not doing enough damage to stop the angry blue tide.
 Surrounded, the last of the coven shelters behind her last 'jack.  Gunnbjorn gives the blitzer his orders and the blizter charges the corrupter. The whelp on top aims his slugger upon the last witch and fires.
 Not long after, the sounds of Khador steel are heard along with the smell of boilers.
 The two lines begin to close, much name-calling is had.
 The bomber gets charged by the dragoon, which hurts like the abyss.
 The troll captain maneuvers his trolls to reinforce his left flank, effectively pulling apart Karchev's forces.  As soon as the warcaster is in range, the heavy ordinance is dropped...
 Not to be left out, Legion forces move on the Khador encampment.  The red 'jacks prepare for the worst and take an elevated position.
 "I like glaciers, I really do.  Oh this?  I took it from one of Asphixious' slayers. But back to glaciers..."
 Legion sends the beasts in, one at a time.
 Meanwhile, a nephlim fires at them from a tower.
 Thagrosh seems hesitant to engage the warjacks, and eventually sends in the carni to soften them up more.  The Khadorians kill it, the first time...
 The warlock brings the beast back and moves in, and Karchev is forced back.
We are halfway through Month II of the Escalation League. As is the case, not all the battles have had pictures taken, this makes me sad too.  But there is more Forces spotlights to go...until next round.