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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Escalation Forces - Gunnbjorn

 They're big, they're blue, and they are tough as nails.  For the RHG Escalation League I decided to run Captain Gunnbjorn.  Like I can say no to a bunch of Scottish gun-wielding trolls.  Besides, it is the Year of the Troll!
 First up; the Capt'n himself.  I love this model (and he won 1st in the single mini at GottaCon!)  My opponents already fear the bazooka....I like my bazooka...
 My first heavy beast, Andre the bomber with Flint.  Andre has been freaking people out with his POW 16 AOE 4 bombs, which hit thanks to Gunnbjorn.
 Now that my foes are aware of what he can do, he is either a big target or to be avoided at all costs.  This merely tells me that I need a second one.
 He wears a Cameron tartan, of course.
 I decided on a swampy/chemical green flame like on Sparky...
 Sparky the pyre troll.  I saved the fireball-breath for a future token and added more fire.  More fire is always good.
 Yeah, I still need to put some moss and water effects on the bases, (but at least they are painted with facings! Yes I'm looking at you...)

 For Month II I went up a tier, making bombers and blitzers cheaper.  Plus some much needed firepower.  Gunnbjorn always needs more firepower.
 Marshal is my blitzer.  Being the most combat-minded troll in the force, Marshal is my spearhead and takes some of the heat off Andre.  Combined with Sparky's animus, he does pretty well.
 The gunner; Doody.

 With three points leftover, another gun was purchased, the thumper.  With a high POW, knockdown, and a possible threat range of 18", these guys are the beginning of my support units.  (I am planning for two and some sluggers).
More Escalation Forces to come, until next round.