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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thaxean Tzakgrathi - WIP

 There is a campaign in which I play, regarding a certain band called WTF!  For various reasons, I have only recently made him a mini.  Much of his story can be found here.
 You see, first there was Tzak, the annubi drummer for the original band.  He started a cult of NekRa on the ship and was eventually a casualty of a large explosion.  Later Thaxean joined the band and took over the cult, a forsaken.  As Thaxean's memories returned he began to understand his, and Tzak's, purpose.
 The two of them joined, and ascended into daemonhood.  He believes that he is NekRa's wardrummer, a leader of the masses devoted to the eye.
I just have to add some chains and paint!
Until next round...