Who We Are

Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mosh Pit

Khadorian 'jacks were sighted entering the Processing Zone, and among them, Kharchev was spotted. Mortenebra gathered her 'jacks to intercept. It was soon apparent that Skarre had other plans for the engagement.
The satyx raiders moved towards the lich's forces, while Skarre's 'jacks moved to intercept the commies.
Mr. Terrible's forces slowly advanced behind cover, arcing shells at the cryxians.
The cryxians advanced quickly, eager to destroy everyone.
With a grudge growing within Mortenebra's metal hart, she pushed her 'jacks at the Khadorians.
Skarre's reaper and ripper began to beat on a 'jack, damaging, bu not killing it.
Mortenebra and her corrupter finished off the raiders to find that Kharchev had beaten Skarre down.
It was later revealed that Roland, a pistol wraith, had defected and hurt the satyx enough for the other 'caster to kill her.
Mortenebra finishes with the raiders and moves to support her 'jacks against Mr. Terrible. He crashes through the rubble and piping and smashes her with his axe.

Kharchev is the last (of three) warcasters standing. Well met!