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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remeil - Beginnings of an Archangel

Remeil, the Thunder of God, is one of the fallen archangels. During the Holy War of the Fifth, this once-watcher returns to the affairs of those with power. At his command is a host of the Fallen who seek redemption through the destruction of the enemies of Heaven. He bears one of the First Impalers in the name of Vet-Auun.
The mini is based on the Nightbringer model with added pegasus wings and dark eldar spikes. Putty was applied in layers to make armour and such. Archangels don't need much in armour, so I kept it to a minimum. The spikes give him a fallen look, and again I was careful not to overdo it.
His base got some cobblestone, like the rest of my nWo minis.
Some bending was done to the ribbon-bits, just make some more motion.
I love the motion of the model!
Priming was done in two stages. First the whole thing was primed black. Once dry, I hit it from the top with some white.
Effectively, all my shading has bee done for me already. This is my first attempt at priming this way, we will see how it works out (stay tuned).
Until next round, pass the cookies.