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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scales vs Horns

The warriors and beasts of Fel-Ur-Ket marched upon the ravaged colony once known as Steamtown. Weapons were held at the ready, the scent of lizards was upon the winds of change.
Spearheading the lizardman assault was two towering engines of the gods and saurus cavalry.
Skinks soon followed in growing numbers...
The lines began to close. The spawn on the chaos flanks lurched forward hissing at the skinks. A slow chanting came from the massed ogres and warriors.
The saurus cavalry charged into the ogres, who resolutely stood their ground. Ur cast pandemonium, making the skink priests very nervous.
Undeterred, the dragon ogres charged into the stegadons in an attempt to silence the engines on top. Behind, the warriors form a defensive barrier.
Righty, the spawn on the right flank, feasts upon the skinks as they flee.
A comet appears in the sky descending toward the battlefield, not good. Shaggy kills his stegadon, but his dragon ogres fall beneath the other creature's feet as the saurus join the fight.
The saurus cavalry run down the last of the ogres, which had taken a while.
Fel's warriors clash with the remaining stegadon while the sorceror challenges the priest. The skink's magic saves him, but not his mount.
Wounded but angry, Shaggy charges the skinks. The skinks hold firm and poison him to death with small pointed sticks.
Surrounded buy chaos warriors and with his army fleeing, the skink priest ends his duel with Ket. Another priest-skull for the collection of the mage god!

The Host of Change continues their march to the mountains to answer the dwarven warcall.