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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

We do it for the fun of it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Of Lizards and Beasts

Deep in the jungles of Lustria horns boomed, horns torn from foes, the war-horns of beastmen. Drums began to beat, drums flayed from elves and humans, war-drums of the lizardmen.
With a braying roar the beastmen encountered their enemies, the bellow of the Doombull eclipsing its smaller kin.
The stegadons and cold ones roared in defiance and charged forwards.
Battle-lines formed, the ground began to shake. The engines atop of the monsters began to spin and crackle, the Doombull roared again.
From the skies, the jabberslythe Pho-qi began to dive the skinks, adding his velacitating voice to the violence.
The skinks scurried for concealing cover, directing darts at the malign monster.
The lines met, the lizards earning the charge, the ungor fled in dismay. The chariots, pulled by massive razorgors, held back for the counter-charge. One of the stegadons crashed into the minotaurs, who proceeded to hack the creature apart as it killed half their number. The Doombull personally killed the scaly shaman.
The saurus cavalry smashed into the gors, the gors unable to get through their armor, but the lizards easily slaying the beasts.
So, the beasts ran to the temple in dismay, losing the herd-totem (army standard) to their foes.
The main group of saurus warriors were easily able to outmatch the spawn in combat, but now faced a very unamused chariot and a couple of bitter, bloodgreeding, minotaurs.
After decimating the warrior-lizards, they set out to deal with the skinks (who had killed the creature fearsomely flying). The ambushing gors set in to help, the slimy little buggers were cornered.
Behind the frenzied leader the beastman line was in tatters, the ungors were still running, and the gors....
The gors were cornered at the temple by lizards riding nastier lizards, things were looking as though they would all meet Tzeentch in the near future.
Why were the ungors running? Well, if a massive and enraged horned behemoth surrounded by crackling ethereal energies was chasing you, what would you do?
The sneaky buggers were keeping away from the Doombull and company, but it wouldn't last long.
Three gors survived the second charge, running through the temple ruins into the jungle. From the safety of the wood, they chuckled as some of the cavalry fell in pursuit.
Razorgors are well-known for jealousy, especially if something is bigger than it. Such a creature will often bash the offending behemoth in the side to knock it over so the razorgor can step on it repeatedly. This is what happened here.
Leaping from the side of the howda, the remaining skink shaman faced the two chariots. His lightning-quick attacks were met with stamina and armor. The crushing force of a razorgor met no resistance.
Now surrounded, and outnumbered, the lizard cavalry was asked nicely to return the herd-totem. They agreed, and were allowed to leave so that they could meet in battle again.