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Based in Victoria BC, we are a mixed group of dice-rolling gamers. As a group we try to encourage all types of interactive games and hobbies as an expressive way to enjoy ourselves.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Attack on Outpost IV-XX

Outpost IV-XX, the Imperial foothold on Rashidamin, close to the rift leading to Odin.
Imperials are awaiting Mechanicus engineers to remove the heretical ruins. The area has been declared stable, but warp energies still move like tides across the planet.
The jungle environment is causing little difficulties for the Imperials, only a couple of cases of 'jungle lung' as the Belters call it.
Early on the fourth day of holding the outpost, traitor forces were spotted advancing towards the rift. Both the Wolframs and the OPDF prepared to repel the heretics.
Bolstered by the astartes, defense lines were drawn.
609th reconnaissance elements, on request, joined the defense line. Infantry began reporting the tell-tale signs of daemonic interference, bleeding eyes and migraines. The anti-fugue pills stopped the worst of the warp-taint.
The Imperial advance was cautious at first, expecting daemonic assaut.
Without command, the OPDF units were momentarily taken back by the assault, but morale was bolstered by the presence of the astartes, they pushed back with holy lasgun fire.
Calls for the reserve forces filled the vox as the body count began to rise.
Airborne units were first to arrive, their valkyrie rocketing down the river sending its payload into the traitor marines. Plumes of smoke began to rise from the battlefield.
The stormtroopers, without heed for their personal safety, dropped directly into the enemy forces. Hellgun fire sent many daemons back to the warp with a hail of Imperial light.
The chaos sorceror known as Tristan challenged the left flank. In response artillery fire preceded the assault of the airborne. Their ancient armor cracking under massed fire, but some still remained to threaten the Lord Commissar.
No amount of firepower could keep the daemons from combat. Assaults broke out across the battlefield with many guardsmen and droids falling to claws.
Alone and surrounded by the agents of evil, the stormtrooper sargent crawled out from under the corpses of daemons and charged the traitors. He was drowned by chainswords and boltpistols. He will be remembered.
IKE once again danced with Severinia, unable to bring his guns to bear he was rendered too damaged to fight again.
Late in the battle, a Wolfram drop pod hit the landing pad, breaking the Black Legion marines and taking Pilot. We cannot guess at the marines' agenda.
An attempt to avenge IKE was made by the 609th sentinels, but it seems that more than lascannons are needed to fell her.
The Wolfram titan held the center like an immovable metal cliff, daemons breaking at its feet like water.
Slowly being overrun, the fallback order was given, the weight of the chaos assault too much for the defenders. Imperial forces were to rendezvous on the Odin side of the rift.
When air-support attempted to retrieve Pilot, the Wolfram marines activated teleporter beacons. As the valkyrie landed, they were not to be found.

Current orders are to pull back and await 609th support in Tempestus.
-V.O. Leems, your Imperial guy on the Front Line.